With the Christmas holidays behind us, it is already time to think about the next key dates for your business! Valentine’s Day is fast South Africa Phone Number List approaching, the opportunity to put in place a well-established digital strategy to generate maximum ROI on your advertising and increase your sales! Indeed, this unmissable event in February represents a major stake for companies since 64% of French people celebrate the feast of lovers and 72% devote a budget of 50 to 100 euros to please their other half. What marketing strategy should you put in place to take advantage of this enthusiasm that the French have around Valentine’s Day and boost your activity during this period? Make way for digital! Among the most sought-after gifts on the Internet, we obviously find catering, flowers, jewelry, chocolates,

fashion and lingerie, but also fun gifts and memorable or even unusual experiences. Internet, a real source of inspiration for Valentine’s Day Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest… with the approach of Valentine’s Day, many advertisers are scrambling to offer often original gift ideas. The opportunity to please your other half in a different way! In fact, following changes in consumption patterns and the frenetic pace imposed by our daily lives, more and more consumers are making their purchases online, rather than in stores. Advertisers therefore had to adapt their offer gradually, and the feast of Valentine’s Day was no exception. The figures are not mistaken:

Internet, A Real Source Of Inspiration For Valentine’s Day

digital is now playing an important role for Valentine’s Day. The Internet has become a real source of inspiration for this occasion, pushing consumers to carry out their research phase online to find the idea of ​​the ideal meal. In 2018, for example, this request increased by + 170%, as did the request for the perfect gift. The ultimate mobile, practicality and discretion The popularization of the smartphone in the context of Internet research is having an increasingly marked impact on Valentine’s Day. As proof, linked mobile searches increased by 65% ​​in 2016 , which is easily explained by the geolocated nature of the queries and the more discreet side of the tool. What media plan for Valentine’s Day?


Whatever your sector of activity, if Valentine’s Day is a busy period for you, don’t skimp on marketing actions to make yourself more visible at the start of the year. Bet on a well-established, original and impactful digital strategy! Combine the 3 most relevant channels to boost your activity for February 14: SMS campaigns, advertising on Waze and on Facebook (Instagram and Pinterest have also had their place for a few years now). Love SMS campaigns Quick to set up, SMS campaigns allow you to create proximity with your targets, and to seduce them by promoting your promotions as part of Valentine’s Day. Simple and impactful with a 95% read rate (within 3 minutes of receiving them), SMS should be an integral part of your digital marketing strategy.

Make Way For Digital!

Campaigns on Waze Waze is an application that allows you to reach consumers near your business to strengthen your notoriety. Waze now has more than 12 million French people using the application, enough to give your brand more visibility! How do I advertise on Waze? Takeover : allows you to broadcast a banner displayed at the top of the screen when the vehicle is stationary. The Pin : allows you to display your brand on the map in order to strengthen your notoriety and the impact of your commercial actions. Search : Allows your property to appear at the top of search results when Wazer searches for a route. Waze Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest campaigns The power of Facebook Facebook: essential media for communicating on the Internet, with 2.45 billion monthly subscribers worldwide and more than 38 million active French users. Facebook allows

you to reach a target that is both large and precise , which makes it one of the best assets for your communication. Instagram attractiveness The social network owned by Facebook has monetized its audience by recruiting nearly 25 million advertisers . With its 1 billion monthly active users and the arrival of shopping campaigns in different formats in recent years, the social network is of course a privileged lever for advertisers in order to optimize the purchasing journey of its targets during Valentine’s day. Fashion & beauty, agro-food or even high-tech reign supreme on this network, so if you work in one of these sectors of activity … go for it, and especially


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