Now imagine the marketing of tomorrow, its values ​​and its areas of growth. Both a consulting firm, a communication agency and a creative Scotland Email List studio, UZFUL is a hybrid structure that supports companies in the reflection and execution of their engagement strategy. Gilles Reeb, co-founder and Strategy Director of the UZFUL agency, shares with us his vision of the marketing of tomorrow. What makes UZFUL unique… What are the values ​​for the future that you want to defend? We defend strong convictions that we do not deviate from. As digital experts, for example, it would be easy for us to sell anything to anyone. It is a line of conduct that we refuse because it seems essential to us to give meaning to our actions.

This now applies to all sectors. We have been based in 9-3 (Seine Saint-Denis) since our beginnings. We have the feeling of being around “real” people, of being in touch with “real” life. The risk when you are a consulting firm, but also a brand, is to lock yourself in a bubble. However, staying in touch with realities on the ground is essential for any business. What are the key skills of the marketer of tomorrow? A “human centric” conscience: This means: understanding the world, consumers’ expectations, their ways of thinking. Marketers no longer take the time to figure out what motivates or hinders their customers. Unfortunately, all too often marketers walk with blinders. They are based on subjective, partial, even distorted data . In the age of big data , companies have never ignored their customers so much.

Which brand do you think represents a model for the marketing of tomorrow?

Taking a step back / strategic thinking: Marketing has lost its role of representing customer issues for too long. The decisions that impact the customer experience the most are often made without a strategic vision, out of opportunism or coercion. How many brands have deprived themselves of e-commerce because their distributors were slowing down? We are seeing a similar process with ecological transformation or the integration of AI into the functioning of the business. Beyond “digital”, innumerable technological innovations will further disrupt companies: Blockchain , nanotech, Artificial Intelligence … This is not a skill, but a cultural background: learning to learn, being in permanent monitoring, asking the right questions to adopt the right technological solutions and create real added value.


Which brand do you think represents a model for the marketing of tomorrow? It’s probably a bit of a cliché, but Patagonia is still a staple. Its model of societal engagement since the 1970s proves that you can succeed in business and have a positive impact on all your audiences. In France, we love and closely follow Fleury Michon, which is becoming a committed brand by coming to terms with its history as a large agro-food group. It is not won, but the progress made by the team is very encouraging and to be commended. To go further, discover the New Marketing Trends training course .

Enrich your e-commerce site through social selling

Many brands are developing an online presence to promote their brands and products, reach even more potential customers and give them a first experience with their brand. Vincent Chaigneau, our e-commerce expert, gives you the 5 levers that will allow you to make a difference, to become more efficient and to make your customer experience memorable. Seize the opportunity of virtual reality Of course, virtual reality is still an expensive technology, but it is an element that will radically change your relationship with your customers. Product testing, a more immersive purchasing experience, there are many options to help your customers better plan their purchase. While the costs are still significant, the technology is evolving rapidly; so get ready now.

Integrate social networks into your act of sale to create a close relationship with your consumers and make them discover products in a different way. Social proof: an element of reassurance and commitment that suggests that other friends are already customers (for example, the mention “they have already liked” on Facebook). Integrate social media conversations into your pre-purchase marketing process to maintain community engagement. Seize the possibility of selling more or less directly via social networks. It’s an interesting way to streamline the act of purchasing that will save your prospects time. Use chatbots to strengthen the relationship and the customer experience of your e-commerce site Using an automated customer relationship assistant via a chat is becoming more and more common. It is an excellent support for improving customer relations. It allows, in particular, to accelerate exchanges with low added value thanks to their automation.

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