One year after launching its ad blocker, the browser goes further by prohibiting 3 intrusive video formats to comply with the standards in force. To meet the new guidelines of the Coalition for Better Ads , Google announces that it will ban Australia WhatsApp Number List videos on its Chrome browser from August 5. Based on feedback from 45,000 consumers around the world, the working group targeted three intrusive advertising formats, which disrupt the playback of a video of less than 8 minutes, before and during its broadcast. The 3 ad formats that will be banned The new standards, which will be applied from August 5, will prohibit the following three types of advertising long announcements or groups of announcements, broadcast in pre-roll and not skippable, lasting more than 31 seconds, which appear before a video and which cannot be ignored during the first 5 seconds.

Mid-roll ads, of any length, that appear in the middle of a video and interrupt the user experience, Image or text ads, which appear above a video that is playing and are in the middle of a third of the video player, or cover more than 20% of the content. While from a user perspective, the news should delight video consumers, the countdown is on for advertisers and website owners, who will have to stop showing all three types of ads in the coming months. To meet these standards, Chrome will integrate these standards into its browser as of August 5, 2020 and will stop showing all ads on sites that do not meet these criteria. New standards that support YouTube While Google specifies that its video service will be reviewed like any site and that the necessary measures will be taken if necessary.

The 3 ad formats that will be banned

YouTube should not be so worried by this announcement. The platform is indeed known for having implemented and popularized the possibility of ignoring an advertisement after 5 seconds. YouTube only allows mid-rolls on videos that are 10 minutes or longer. The standards of the Coalition for Better Ads, of which Google is a member of the board of directors, fully meet what YouTube already offers. Among the other web giants, Facebook and Microsoft, which are part of the coalition like Google, will also have to comply with the new standards. A study conducted by Microsoft has identified what skills and qualities are required of marketers for the coming decade. According to results gathered from 600 professionals by Microsoft, SEO is the most important skill for marketers, ahead of data analysis.


These two skills sometimes go hand in hand and allow marketers to measure the success of a campaign and target areas for improvement. In terms of soft skills, creativity is ahead of humility and empathy among the main qualities required for this profession. Microsoft’s survey also presents industry trends for the coming decade. In a world that is moving towards the private sphere, with the emergence of conversational media and the increased importance of reviews and recommendations, brands will need to be trusted to meet the needs of consumers. Online advertising is changing rapidly and this trend is confirmed by the explosion in the use of adblockers, consumers wanting to protect themselves from advertisements that they consider intrusive. More interactive, personalized and visual content will capture users’ attention. There is no longer any question of asking them to like content or click a button to download it.

New standards that support YouTube

It is the experience that an advertisement will have given to the consumer, based on his own choices, that will be decisive for the decade to come, and it is in this way that the brands will manage to remain competitive. Less than a month after the last Google update For the moment, Google has not communicated on any update of its algorithm. If this was confirmed, it would come less than a month after the Core Update January 2020 , deployed on January 13. The contours of this last update of the algorithm had not been specified by the American firm. Core Updates are major changes in Google’s algorithm and aim to change the way the engine ranks pages in its search index. If you have a Trello, Google Analytics, Google My Business, Google Calendar, or Data Studio account.

You can connect it to your SEMrush account so you can manage everything in one place. After these integrations, you can easily create reports on your activities using your own Reports. Particularly useful for large accounts or digital agencies. Google could also take as a model other web sites that share the same type of content, in order to use this repository to rank, initially, the sites of which it does not. have not yet retrieved all the information. Asked by webmasters about the importance of content for a new site, John Mueller was very evasive. Depending on the signals spotted by Google, a site will be able to benefit from good visibility, in the same way that the engine will be able to judge that this new site will not be worth the trouble of being classified.

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