There are more and more candidates, so you have to recruit the best of them. And competition between schools is more intense, it is necessary to stand out to attract the attention of candidates. The student recruitment operation then turns into a seduction operation . Student recruitment: how to reach future students? Learn to Understand Future Students, Generation Z New students are no longer seduced by flyers distributed at the school exit. This new generation of students, Generation Z , grew up with a smartphone in their hands. It is therefore on the Internet and social networks that you will reach them, but not just any old way. For this, we must understand this generation. You have to study their habits of use of the Web and social networks, but also their expectations regarding their future school in order to then personalize your student recruitment strategy.

For schools and universities, it’s the same mission every year: recruiting students. If the stakes are the same, the situation has changed somewhat today. Create a Facebook page to unite a community around your school Creating a Facebook page is a good way to reach as many people as possible, both students and parents. Your Facebook page will allow you to Chile Phone Numbers List directly with your target. Thanks to this Page, you will federate a community, made up of current students, alumni, professionals and future students. The idea is to communicate about your school, to disseminate information likely to interest future students, to interact with them,… It is as much a communication tool as a persuasion tool. You will be able to show behind the scenes of your school, the success of your former students, your values,… so many reasons for them to choose your school over another.

Student Recruitment: How To Reach Future Students?

But, Generation Z is also a zapping generation, able to move quickly from one subject to another. The attention span is now estimated at 8 seconds. It is therefore from the first 8 seconds that it is worth arousing their curiosity and interest. To be attractive, the video should be concise and “catchy”. Offer attractive content and visuals According to a study proposed by Kantar Brown , Generation Z youth appreciate funny, highly visual and storytelling content. To challenge them, you have to be creative and original, without going overboard. Do not hesitate to offer fun content to create interactivity and engagement. Deploy well-targeted advertising Advertising plays a big role in recruiting students. This is not a novelty, only the support has changed. In addition to flyers distributed in student fairs, advertisements in specialized magazines, and mailing of brochures to students, online advertising is now added.


The targeting options offered by advertising networks, such as Facebook Ads or Google AdWords , offer an extremely precise targeting capacity. You will be able to target the right student profiles at the right time. Launch relevant advertising campaigns Running an online advertising campaign is a good strategy. The key is to deploy a relevant campaign. In addition to correct targeting, you need to deliver the right advertising format. Young people are not resistant to advertising, only they are insensitive, even annoyed, by mass marketing. They are more receptive to targeted, personalized and discreet advertising. In short, you need to serve personalized and native ads, which don’t hamper the user experience. In addition, it must be Responsive to adapt to the mobile that young people love so much. Finally, you need to get your advertising where the young people are. Social networks, guidance sites, sites used by young people, etc.

Create A Facebook Page To Unite A Community Around Your School

Make short, punchy videos The video format is ideal for recruiting students. Video will, in fact, represent 80% of web traffic in the coming years. It is also a format popular with Generation Z who love YouTube. Can be relevant distribution channels. 7. Create incentive ads Once you’ve grabbed the attention of future students, you need to get them to click on the ad. Send a strong, compelling message that speaks to them immediately to persuade them that your school is the one for them. Finally, encourage them to discover your establishment or to invite them to come to your open house thanks to the call-to-action buttons. They will take them to your school’s website or to a specific landing page, such as a JPO registration form. With this (non-exhaustive) list of tips, you have some keys to attracting the attention of future students and perhaps recruiting them.

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