Difficult to consider an acquisition campaign without going through the services of the giant Google Ads. But how to optimize the use of this lever? SEISO.IO offers you to carry out a free audit of your campaigns every month to understand what you or your partners can improve and how much Guatemala WhatsApp Number List can bring you! The Google Ads budget generally takes a large part in the communication strategy of brands online, whether it is awareness campaigns or acquisition. Some choose to entrust their budget to specialists (agencies, freelancers, etc.) while others internalize these skills. But in any case, how to ensure that expenses are under control and that investments are consistent? SEISO is a completely free SaaS tool which will allow you to quantify the wasted budget, the growth potential of your account and to analyze your campaigns. Once connected to your Google Ads account.

It will provide you with a monthly report specifying what you can improve, which will allow you to prioritize your actions and thus gain in productivity. You will be able to receive a new audit free of charge each month to continuously improve your performance or monitor the activity of your partners / teams, so you will have to remember to leave the tool connected. 3,000 users are already using the tool, which met with great success during Paris Retail Week, with more than 300 Adwords audits launched over the three days of the show. Proof of the need on this subject, and of the usefulness of the tool! We have tested Seiso.io for you with one of our Google Ads accounts, dedicated to the acquisition of new customers on a freemium SaaS service.

The different components of the audit

For confidentiality reasons, some of the screenshots used in this test do not directly concern this account A few clicks will be enough for you to receive your first report. To start, click on “start analysis” on the SEISO.IO home page . You will then have to choose the Google account on which the account you want to audit is located, and then authorize SEISO to connect to it. Then choose from the list of associated accounts those you wish to audit. You will then have to fill in your details to receive the audit in the following minutes (in our case, 4 minutes were needed to receive the email). The report we received is very comprehensive, and contains a lot of useful information. They allow us both to analyze our performance, but also to quantify the efforts made and those that remain to be made.


This allows a better readability of the level of result at which we can achieve, and of the way to achieve it. You will be able to find in the audit many concrete figures, here are some which were particularly relevant in our test. Impression rate: this is the number of impressions recorded of your ads compared to the total number of eligible impressions. So you will be able to see the number of lost impressions, whether they are on your brand or off-brand. And who says lost impressions, says visibility for your competitors and clicks that will not go to you. Two reasons can explain these lost impressions: an insufficient budget, or a bad ranking. SEISO will give you details on these two aspects so that you can narrow them down.

Respect for your data

Campaigns with under-exploited potential: you will find the campaigns with potential here. Their ROI is higher than the account average, while you are losing postings to your competition. It is therefore important to start by optimizing these campaigns in particular to gain efficiency at a lower cost. To motivate you, SEISO will even tell you the number of conversions to be gained by reaching an 80% display rate. Advice is given to you to get there: either adjust the budgets, when increasing them a little will be enough for you to gain postings, or improve the quality of the ads to rank better. ​The quality level: this is a Google index between 0 and 10 that defines the quality of your ad on each keyword. The higher this quality, the more prints you will get and the lower your cost.

The Quality Score standard is 7. So be careful with your lower scores! SEISO will allow you to obtain a cost-weighted Quality Score for your entire account. The QS is made up of 3 main criteria: the expected CTR (number of clicks), the consistency of the ad in relation to the targeted keywords and the consistency of the landing page. The tool will allow you to understand which of these aspects you are losing points on, and therefore to act on it. You will also be able to observe the evolution of this QS but also of the CPC over time if you leave the tool plugged in. A good way to measure your performance. Which keywords are the most urgent to work on? SEISO gives you the list of those on which you spend the most unnecessary budget.




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