Web marketing Assistant Internship: SEO, SEA and SMO Internship to be filled now, Rouen Minimum of 3 months – Legal internship allowance The agency Leader in Normandy in the field of SEO is based in Seine (near Rouen), at the heart of the Digital Hub. We support our clients, SMEs and large accounts (in Paris and throughout France), in their digital marketing strategy. To respond to our growth, we are looking for talents who will strengthen our team of fifteen people. Our experts have passed Google certifications. We are particularly recognized in the field of SEO, SEA and SMO. Thus, we provide comprehensive advice for the Web marketing strategies of companies or brands that wish to acquire traffic and increase their conversion and engagement rates. Our Technical SEO, SEA & SMO pole works together with our Creation pole (design realization) and our Editorial pole (content creation).

Meshing, backlinks SEA : Create and run AdWords campaigns. Monitoring of traffic performance and position SMO : Support campaigns on social networks (Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads…). Web marketing : More generally, working to develop the traffic, positioning and turnover of our clients. Analysis : Semantic analysis and audit, assessment of the actions implemented (carrying out statistics), identification of performance levers. Required profile Your training or your self-taught approach has given you a solid foundation in the field of UAE Mobile Number Database and paid referencing. You wish to pursue an internship to strengthen your SEO, SEA and SMO mastery. You master at least one of the tracking tools (Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools / Search Console…). Likewise, you are comfortable with HTML / CSS and any web language intended to optimize natural referencing. Passionate about digital, you are constantly on the lookout for technological developments.

Web marketing Assistant Internship: SEO, SEA and SMO

Optimization of keywords by mastering a SEMrush type management tool. Is the new name of the online travel agency Voyages-sncf.com. Through this case study, we will decipher an innovative digital strategy for you. Mobility “Our desire is to facilitate mobility. ” Benoît Tiers, Director of Information Systems at This intention can be understood in two ways. First of all is no longer just a site dedicated to booking a train ticket. It is a platform that makes it possible to organize a trip via shared mobility, which also includes the bus, carpooling, the VTC. On the other hand, places the mobile phone at the heart of the customer journey . Remember that for the first time in 2017, search on mobile has overtaken that on desktop. It is from this device that users can easily order their tickets or discover new travel desires.


Benoît Tiers, director of information systems, recalled that if the application had been designed as a route planner was designed as ” the single tool for all trips”. This is measured by its new interface, personalized (first name), conversational (where do you want to go?) And inspirational (landscape inviting to travel selected according to seasonality). Digital strategy application Conversational and the Google Assistant “Conversational communication will have as strong an impact as mobile 10 years ago. “Benoît Director of Innovation, Strategy and Customer Experience at We told you about it in a previous article, Voyages had recently inaugurated the use of the Google assistant . This desire to introduce conversational communication at the heart of the customer experience has been reaffirmed. If conversational communication corresponds for the moment to 1% of uses, within 3 years it is estimated that it will represent 10%.

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Your daily actions will be multiple: SEO : Management of campaigns. Technical optimizations and internal networking. The chatbot, which was launched on Messenger in September 2016, had gathered nearly a million users. From now on, it is who enters into conversation with you. The performance of it allows you to order your tickets with an optimization of the personalization. Digital Search: order a train ticket without hands “The voice will be the bedrock of the next e-commerce revolution. ” Benoît Director of Innovation, Strategy and Customer Experience at In the presentation video of (visible above in our article), three Millennials challenge themselves to order their train ticket without hands. This is of course an e-ticket ordered on a smartphone using voice search! Marks a turning point in the company’s digital transformation. Among the 550 new features, voice search has therefore been integrated, in particular via the Google Home smart speaker.

Digital-strategy-yes-google-man-assistant Personalization at the heart of the digital strategy “We are in the era of C-commerce. ” Benoît Director of Innovation, Strategy and Customer Experience at As we have just seen, conversational communication mixed with voice recognition and AI (artificial intelligence) make it possible to streamline the customer journey and personalize offers. Thus, the “low price” alert was launched. Concretely, the user can configure a personalized formula: destination + budget + day. It then receives a notification. Conclusion: A textbook case of digital strategy is the most important French site with: 14 million unique visitors per month 86 million tickets sold
33 million different routes offered And by 2020? + 15 million visitors! Source: the Moderator’s Blog In short, the switch from Voyages-sncf.com to is a textbook case of a successful digital strategy. It was a huge technological challenge, whether it was the SEO work and the data migration.


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