The arrival of digital on B2B markets has had a strong impact on the sales function , register for our free webinar! WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 28 from 2:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. It is even said that between 2012 and 2020, more than 1 million B2B salesperson jobs Lesotho Email List would be likely to be cut in the USA. B2B customers are now more autonomous and very well informed, which allows them to establish their short-list of service providers and products without ever having spoken to a sales representative. They expect the latter to position himself more as an advisor or even a coach, expert in the sector of activity concerned. It is therefore essential today to make this change for B2B salespeople.

How to meet the new expectations of the B2B customer vis-à-vis salespeople? What skills and efficiency levers should be mastered in 2019? How to support your teams to meet these new challenges? One of our B2B sales specialists will answer these 3 questions and all those you ask yourself.The boom in mobile phones and mobile research (81% of consumers using voice assistants do so via their smartphones), the growing success of voice assistants, ease and practicality… there are many reasons for the growing popularity of voice search. This booming phenomenon (voice searches counted by Google between 2008 and 2016 were multiplied by 35) is not about to slow down. According to the ComScore study , by 2020, 50% of searches will be conducted by voice.

How To Adapt Your Seo To Voice Search

The importance of voice search and voice referencing in e-commerce The commercial performance of e-commerce sites depends mainly on the quality of their SEO and SEA referencing. The traffic generated by referencing represents for some merchant sites more than 60% of their turnover. It is therefore an essential business lever whose developments cannot be ignored. Search marketing is a major pillar of the sales and marketing strategy in e-commerce. Thus, if they do not adapt to the specificities of voice search, e-commerce players run the risk of missing the growing flow of voice requests. E-merchants must now put in place an action plan to anticipate the upheaval in the voice channel. The specificity of voice search and its impact on the acquisition of e-commerce traffic It may sound obvious to you, but searching by voice has nothing to do with typed search on a search engine.


Indeed, a search on Google comprises on average 2 to 3 words. Conversely, a voice search is rarely done with less than 9 words. Unlike a written search that uses a keyword or a sequence of keywords, voice search often consists of a question. In addition to the lengthening of requests, other changes will be added due to the use of voice: Generalization of correct syntax Better spelling with voice search technologies Increased detail and precision of queries How to adapt your SEO to voice search In order to optimize its referencing, it is necessary, as a first step, to analyze the main research of its users to identify the most frequent questions and the way in which they are formulated. This will allow you to prepare, in form and substance, the most appropriate responses to the requests made.

The Specificity Of Voice Search And Its Impact On The Acquisition Of E-commerce Traffic

On the other hand, the results of voice searches are mainly taken from the best-referenced pages. To improve your voice referencing, you must therefore optimize your classic referencing! Once this work is done, here are some practical tips to improve your positioning in voice search results. Strengthen your efforts on long tail keywords in question form Write the title tag of your web pages as a question Create content tailored to queries by favoring short responses with a conversational and informal tone Prioritize content creation to answer the most common questions: Who? What ? Where ? When ? How? ‘Or’ What ? Why ? Other criteria should also be taken into account to improve its appearance in voice searches:

Improve your local SEO because the majority of voice searches are done from a mobile device. They are therefore automatically geolocated. Reduce your loading speed both to improve your ranking (vocal and general) and meet the expectations of customers in ever more hurry (according to the Backlinko study ). Favor questions / answers, forum or FAQ to correspond to the new way of formulating requests and compensate for the programmed decline of keywords. In conclusion As you will have no doubt understood, the world of SEO and e-commerce is in perpetual flux. You should therefore never sit on your achievements but constantly challenge your practices and improve continuously. These numerous changes in rules and principles should not, however, frighten you.

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