What difference do you make between commercial and business development? What is the scope of a business developer’s missions? Why is this Taiwan Email List position an essential asset for any business, existing or in creation? So many questions addressed during this webinar and much more …: The business developer at the crossroads of geek, innovator and networker The business development activity toolbox Which training courses to favor to boost your business development skills according to your profile Former sales representative and business development consultant within several Parisian incubators, our facilitator and trainer will share with you some of her experiences and answer the questions you have. Register now!

Digital acceleration will take place through talents. While keeping in mind that change is permanent, there are some fundamentals that we will share together: Who are the new digital talents? How to identify them? How to recruit, retain and train them? Charlotte Vitoux, Managing Director Aquent France and Donna Razanapanala, Recruitment Consultant, will put their expertise and skills at your service to give you the advice you need to create a strong and committed team. 3 good reasons to participate: A strategic subject The expertise of an international recruitment agency Practical advice A breakfast not to be missed, don’t wait any longer to register ! In partnership with:

The business developer can claim a gross annual salary that evolves with experience

Reinventing your business model is today at the center of the strategic thinking of many business leaders, managers and entrepreneurs. However, this process, although necessary, is far from being a long quiet river. Benefit, during this breakfast, from the advice of an expert to get started and take the turn of innovation successfully: Why is it urgent to rethink your business model What tools to put at the service of strategic thinking What are the best practices in terms of management and organization? Laura Gelis, an expert in new business design, will share her experience, particularly in the video game industry, to inspire you. Many examples of new business models in the fashion, video games and consumer goods sectors. An expert with international experience. Enriching exchanges between peers. We are expecting many of you, register!


What are the main missions of the business developer? Analysis and monitoring Development and commercial negotiation Monitoring and upselling The business developer’s missions are organized around key skills The business developer must detect potential quickly thanks to a sharp strategic vision. In order to stay ahead of trends and seize the slightest opportunity, developing your capacity for analysis and anticipation is essential. Finally, the business developer’s propensity to be proactive is an essential element in opening up new markets following this analysis phase. The business developer is also a guarantor of growing turnover. His qualities as a negotiator therefore no longer need to be demonstrated.

What are the career paths of the key account salesperson?

What are the essential qualities for the success of the key account salesperson? Entrepreneurial spirit Creativity Relational excellence Listen The business developer can claim a gross annual salary that evolves with experience Junior (0 to 3 years old): 30 – 45 K € Confirmed (4 to 8 years old): 45 – 60 K € Senior (+ 8 years old): 60 – 90 K € What are the career paths of the key account salesperson? Innovation project manager Commercial director Head of partnerships Do you want to develop your career and become a business developer? Maximize your chances of achieving your ambition through professional training .

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