Save a lot of time by understanding how Google Analytics works. Turn insights into actions to improve the performance of your business! Through Palestine Consumer Email List this webinar, discuss the essentials of Google Analytics to concretely and quickly manage the performance of your site without being a data scientist. Objectives of the webinar: Understand how Google Analytics works Know the most interesting reports to track your performance Know how to measure your objectives and track your marketing channels The advantages of the webinar: A practical approach with a ‘live’ navigation of the interface Concrete and interactive teaching with the use of online quizzes / questionnaires after each unit

The speaker Anne Devillers started her career at Google 5 years after the takeover of Urchin, the ancestor of Google Analytics. She was notably one of the relays for questions to advertisers about the tool. She then worked in agencies and for online sales sites where GA was central to monitoring the conversion and performance of marketing campaigns. For 1 year now, she has been an independent consultant specializing in digital analytics. shares his advice on facilitating better collaboration between marketing and sales. This is an essential lever for obtaining numerous marketing and sales gains.

The “unique” question

The “pitch” question What is your mission on earth? In one sentence I try as much as possible to move those around me forward so that they can develop. It is also the opportunity for me to do the same. My mission is aligned with that of Touch & Sell: to develop people at the heart of exchanges. The “challenge” question Coordinating Marketing and Sales, a realistic utopia? What benefits can marketing and sales teams expect if they manage to align their strategies? We noted during our interviews with our customers that many difficulties and frustrations existed due to poor coordination between the marketing and sales teams : Frustration of salespeople by technologies that do not meet their needs Difficulties in appropriating


Achieving better exchange between teams could however lead to many gains, whether in marketing or sales: Improvement of the go to market strategy Optimization of the unique customer experience from the first commercial contact Proof of marketing performance and its ROI Reduced IT risk with smoother exchanges Gain responsiveness to requests for information Production, sharing and dissemination of relevant and value-added content Harmonization of commercial discourse Management of the sales team The “solution” question How and why are you helping them meet this challenge? Our goal is to create a community around the customer bringing together sales and marketing. Thanks to Touch & Sell, the sales representative has all the up-to-date content and tools during their meetings. His mental load is therefore limited, which allows him to concentrate on his mission: to put people back in his discussions without focusing exclusively on technical expertise.

The “inspiring” question

Thanks to our visual tool, it gains in impact to seduce and provide an experience for its customer. From a marketing point of view, our application offers better brand control. It ensures a unity of speech and a standardization of the sales supports so that the latter is more effective, engaging and fulfilling … The “indispensable” question What are the (2 or 3) key skills of the marketer and salesperson of tomorrow? The priority in my opinion is to establish respect between the 2 functions. This is the role of the manager by setting up, for example, team building or by clearly defining the roles within his team. From an individual point of view, the marketer must get closer to customers: meet them, not to sell but to better understand their needs . The marketers on my team therefore regularly participate in customer meetings.

The salesperson, on the other hand, must apply the best practices offered by marketers without interpreting or playing with them. It is thanks to these indications that it increases its performance. These two skills join the question of trust that I mentioned at the beginning. It is essential to exploit each other’s strengths. Our simplicity because we offer a solution for which everything is simple: Quick start thanks to the work of our UX and Design team. Native development very close to platform guidelines to be intuitive. The longevity and robustness of our solution which guarantee efficiency and performance from a simplicity point of view. A model, a source of inspiration, a brand with which you dream of collaborating?


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