To respond to current issues and trends, the subject of the webinar will focus on social networks, and more specifically on the construction of an effective Social Media strategy. Whatever its activity, social networks have become real assets. They are effective communication tools and also make it possible to achieve commercial and marketing objectives, it is still necessary to deploy the right strategy. That will be the whole point of this webinar. See you on Tuesday July 11, 2017 at 12:30 p.m.! What is the program ? To succeed in your Social Media strategy, you must first lay the foundations for it. There are different social networks, so you have to determine which are the most relevant according to your activity, your target audience and your marketing and commercial objectives. The webinar will then allow you to distinguish the different social networks according to the objectives you want to achieve.

Because we are committed to sharing our knowledge with you, from July 11, 2017, we are offering a webinar open to all, the first in a long series. Then, our experts will give you the keys to a good content strategy in order to engage and convert. Finally, a good Social Media strategy also involves studying and analyzing your statistics. Thanks to this webinar, you will Cayman Islands Phone Numbers List which KPIs you need to monitor to measure the performance of your Social Media strategy. Who are our stakeholders? This webinar will be presented to you by two of our experts : Thibaut Nicolas, Social media expert at Webinar on Social Media Strategy: How to Build an Effective Strategy to Succeed on Social Networks? Charley Project Manager at Webinar on Social Media Strategy: How to Build an Effective Strategy to Succeed on Social Networks? Are you affected by this webinar?

What is the program ?

Anyone likely to be interested in the implementation of an effective Social Media strategy can be concerned, from the self-employed person to the manager of an SME through the marketing manager of a large group, but not only . The deployment of a Social Media strategy may be of interest to: Are you one of those people? Interested in the program of this webinar? Register here ! And if not, other webinars will be scheduled. Stay connected ! So, are you ready for the seduction operation? If not, you can always contact us . If you don’t have a site, your Google listing and website will give you significant online presence and visibility, which in turn improves your local SEO. The diversity of its uses and its strike force make it your ally of choice for optimizing your natural referencing and boosting your organic reach on social networks. Finally, last tip.


The hashtag is therefore a powerful tool, as long as we know how to integrate it into its digital strategy. But digital transformation cannot be improvised and deserves to surround yourself with experts. At we support you in your digital strategy in order to generate value through the customer experience on your sites and your social networks. Our expertise intersects closely within our SEO agency , from content production to the analysis of your data . The principle is simple. Actions SDK : Prefer this SDK for short conversations with simple actions. The first brands to take advantage of “Actions on Google” At the end of October, they were 8 to position themselves. Book: The time of the digital humanities Source an agency dedicated to Internet marketing, be it SEO, SEA, SMO, etc., is imbued with these concepts. It therefore presents itself as a digital agency.

Are you affected by this webinar?

Have you ever thought about mixing your hashtags with your emojis ? It’s a powerful cocktail! Emoticons are still underused. However, did you know that behind these little images are hiding words-tags? We tell you everything here . We now speak of Thus, we recommend that you mix hashtags and emojis in your story, for an augmented narration . Do not hesitate to discover our expertise and to contact us . From then on, you can adjust your bids at the campaign level or at the ad group level. The Landing Pages section of AdWords This will increase your conversions. Conclusion: the year 2018 turned towards. Digital marketing that benefits from ever more efficient tools. In this context, for your advertisements on the Web, Google AdWords and its new features will certainly be essential levers in your conversion strategy . Our agency has made the management of AdWords campaigns one of its specialties .

# 5 – Play the “VIP” card with your communities In the world of luxury, it is very important to give customers the feeling of being “VIP” . This feeling of privilege must be reactivated in the digital space. And precisely, social networks seem to be the perfect place for this.. Thus, Chanel, which however does not weave any dialogue with its communities, records one of the best engagement rates of all brands in the luxury sector thanks to a video; and this despite its duration (15 minutes). She succeeded in this sleight of hand, because she systematically personalized the content according to the platform. It is also because she cultivated the feeling of exclusivity. How? ‘Or’ What ? By placing your camera in the VIP area of ​​the parade. The engagement rate is excellent: over 8.7 million views, 56,200 shares, 500,000 reactions and 8,200 comments.

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