It is therefore in your interest to develop a loyalty strategy to keep your existing customers. This is where Facebook comes in. The social network with 33 million monthly active users has become a very powerful tool for uniting a community around your brand . The many features offered by Facebook, in terms of advertising, targeting and publication tools, make it possible to set up a relevant and effective loyalty strategy. Do you want to know how Register for our webinar on Thursday, October 5 at 12:30 p.m.! What is the program ? For 45 minutes, our two social network experts will give you the keys to a good customer relationship via Facebook. With a good upstream strategy and by activating the right levers of the social network, you will certainly be able to acquire new customers, but also and above all to engage and retain your existing customers.

On October 5 at 12:30 p.m., it’s Charley and Thibaut, our two experts who know Facebook inside out, who will provide you with the answers to your questions. Webinar – How to build customer loyalty with Facebook? Are you affected by this webinar on Facebook? The loyalty strategy is inherent in all sectors of activity. This is a crucial issue for all professionals, especially since it is less expensive to retain customers rather than seeking to acquire new ones. Thanks to Facebook, you have the opportunity to interact with your customers and engage them to better Indonesia Phone Number List them. Grab it! Do you want to take it up a notch? You are: Communication and sales development professionals Acquisition managers Leaders, entrepreneurs Brand managers Web strategy managers Digital Transition Officer Business owners Then attend our next webinar on Facebook. Remember to register beforehand, and we’ll meet on October 5th.

What is the program ?

Principles of good communication on Facebook Mistakes to avoid What methods to retain your customers? What indicators to watch? Facebook Ads to go further Questions / answers about loyalty on Facebook Who are our stakeholders? Today, video accounts for 55% of mobile traffic. Hashtag: how to optimize your visibility? # 8: Optimize your SEO Hashtags are used to place certain keywords, in order to boost your natural referencing. Hashtag: how to optimize your visibility? Soon, it will even be possible to follow a hashtag on Instagram . This functionality is currently being tested. Hashtag: how to optimize your visibility? Source The table below shows that on Twitter, the engagement rate is higher when only one hashtag is posted, or even none. Of course, it depends on the word chosen. If it is operated with relevance, it turns out to be a powerful and essential tool in your digital strategy.


Retaining a customer costs less than acquiring a new one. Here is a taste of the program they have concocted for you. Hashtag: how to optimize your visibility? Source Choosing the right hashtag ties in with SEO marketing strategies for keywords. Namely, the narrower the hashtag’s reach, the more engaged users are . Take the example of Evian who took advantage of Valentine’s Day to run a campaign on Twitter. His hashtag? #ILoveYouLike. Another way to work on the “ call to action ” and surf a popular hashtag : I Love You. Hashtag: how to optimize your visibility? The 7 basic rules of a good hashtag How to create a good hashtag? Start by following these main principles: 1. No brand name in hashtag, but that of the marketing operation 2. Short, simple, effective (must be easy to remember) 3. Explicit (be clear) 4. Specific (be unique).

Are you affected by this webinar on Facebook?

The latter can prove to be a formidably effective lever if it is used with a view to digital intelligence . Did you know that this crosshair can be used to collect data from your communities? Let us continue with the successful example of Evian. During a social media campaign, the brand posted a tweet with a single hashtag: #evianjaisoif. In exchange for a tweet comprising this that is to say a hashtag which allows the brand name to be placed, Internet users are encouraged to come and collect the water drop bottle (with the new design) by clicking on a link to geolocate . The brand explains that this makes it possible to find the stand closest to where you are. And this is how with a hashtag, we reinforce the visibility of a brand and we collect qualitative data on its communities.

5. Sparingly ( remember: #tropdehashtagtuelehashtag) 6. Adapted to the social network (see advice above) 7. Presence and consistency (it is over time and a multi-channel approach that your hashtag will bear fruit). The hashtag to collect data? The success of your e-marketing strategy also depends on a more global vision of the hashtag. Hashtag: how to optimize your visibility? Conclusion? On the web, content is king and the hashtag its valet Brands and companies now know that to be visible on the Internet, you have to work with content according to Google’s algorithms and consumers’ expectations. On this digital chessboard, content is king and the hashtag its valet. The latter allows you to carry out a transversal strategy, by penetrating other segments on certain themes. The hashtag, like a “Trojan horse”, allows you to penetrate new segments and recover data. Hashtag: how to optimize your visibility?


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