Although much used in business, in brand issues, launching new innovative products, advertising … the neuromarketing approach still suffers from Senegal Email List a lack of notoriety. However, neuroscience techniques constitute a strategic lever for improving customer knowledge and supporting innovation challenges. Discover the full business potential of neuromarketing: How can neuromarketing support and boost your business? How to obtain and exploit strategic information on its customers thanks to neuromarketing? What are the new neuromarketing techniques? The + of the webinar Concrete illustrations, drawn from the experience of the consultant Practical operational advice Marketing performance levers to easily activate Amelle Elkhabli has 20 years of experience in the field of training and consulting in digital, management and neurolearning.

Don’t wait any longer to register ! We hope lots of you come Both a consulting firm, a communication agency and a creative studio, UZFUL is a hybrid structure that supports companies in the reflection and execution of their engagement strategy. Gilles Reeb, co-founder and Strategy Director of the UZFUL agency, shares with us his vision of engagement , a new strategic issue for brands. Why the engagement? We founded UZFUL because we wanted to contribute, in our own way, to a better world. So worded, it may seem naive, we are aware of it. However, we are convinced that we are at a crossroads. We can turn things around. In spite of the crises which seem to multiply, companies and new economic models represent an enormous potential to bring solutions, even partially compensate for the inaction of the public authorities.

How do you help brands meet the challenges of engagement?

Our mission is therefore to support companies, to help them engage socially and to involve all their audiences in this process. There are too many companies trying to transform their model without taking care to federate their stakeholders and really involve them … Without this condition, few successes. What are the challenges for marketers in the field of engagement? Commitment is the Holy Grail for all functions of the company. Ask a HRD or a CEO what their current challenges are: they will talk about commitment. Marketing and communications professionals are no exception. If their attention is focused on consumer engagement that includes customers, it shouldn’t stop there. Indeed, they must take into account all the audiences that may have an impact on the perception of their brand: influence relays, business partners, legislators or Internet giants, etc.


What benefits can they expect if they take up the challenge of engagement? When Uber unites its community of users to defend its interests with the French State, it’s commitment! Engagement is a phenomenon whose benefits manifest in many forms: loyalty, recommendation , defense of the brand’s interests (brand advocacy) or even involvement in its transformation (by proposing ideas for improvement or participating in their implementation). work). The value of such an approach is therefore indisputable and inestimable, but requires a great deal of effort and investment, contrary to what some may think. How do you help brands meet the challenges of engagement? We have developed an approach that combines strategic tools and execution to create what we call “engaged brands”. With us, employer, institutional and commercial brands are as one and are designed within the same tools.

What benefits can they expect if they take up the challenge of engagement?

Even though it all starts with the brand and its raison d’être, our main focus is on actions. The committed brand is above all a brand that acts , takes a stand and values ​​the evidence of its actions through communication . This is how it nurtures the engagement of its audiences and creates a reciprocal attachment. The ultimate outcome. Underestimating the importance of engagement is now a big mistake and a huge risk. All consumers are waiting for hope and positive signals. Your customers and influencers are no exception. Not being able to meet these expectations, to innovate, to renew oneself and to bring meaning, leaves room for a new player, capable of disrupting the market. And no sector is immune now. Do you want to place customer relations at the heart of your strategy and animate and boost your customer journeys ?

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