SEO, or natural referencing, this technique which aims to boost the visibility of your website on search engines (mainly Google) on queries relating Turkmenistan Email List to your business, has evolved considerably in recent years. No more content written only for engines. No more abusive repetitions of the same keyword on a page for the simple purpose of positioning it well. From now on, we have to think about user experience, we have to think mobile-first, and build the content of a site in these two perspectives. It is also necessary to be able to anticipate changes in Google in order to prepare for them as best as possible: Rich content, Google Mobile Index First, Https protocol, Voice and local referencing …

One of our SEO specialists will present to you the main SEO developments not to be missed in 2019 and for the years to come. Beware, they will shake up your digital strategies! Register now! The most innovative companies in the world such as Apple, Google, Michelin and Toyota have made innovation inseparable from their corporate culture by fully integrating Design Thinking into their organization. Considered to be one of the most effective innovation approaches of our time, “design thinking” is above all a positive and proactive state of mind that mobilizes and unites all employees. Supported by an iterative and agile process centered on the user, it makes it possible to provide an innovative solution

How To Do Social Selling?

The selling social concerns everyone, since for sale or sell it is now necessary to become credible by exploiting social networks. There are several ways to do this with more or less interesting effects. Indeed, practicing “sales intelligence” to warm up your cold callings or do automated curation are much less effective than providing value in order to help others progress via social networks. Loïc Simon, creator of #socialsellingforum, shared his advice and feedback during the ISM breakfast “ Developing your sales thanks to Social Selling ” Why do social selling? Social selling combines three objectives: The recommendation (Referral Selling) Social networks are a great referral fund. To benefit from it, the key is to have the right mindset to maximize your business opportunities.


You have to know how to show serendipity, that is to say enter an opportunity without knowing where it will lead. This is why, during your sleep routine, do not hesitate to enter into business conversations without predefined and precise objectives. The Revelation (Insight Selling) Customers now want to go through their purchasing journey alone, they no longer want to see a salesperson, or at least no longer in a traditional relationship. Good salespeople are those who are already positioned in the mind of the prospect even before he expresses his need. For this, the right salesperson is the one who will help his customer throughout the purchase journey by helping him answer his main questions: Why do I have this need? What are the existing solutions to meet my needs?

Why Do Social Selling?

How do I choose my partner? What are the most relevant criteria to make my choice? In addition, the number of contacts in B2B purchasing has drastically increased to an average of 6.8. Faced with this increasing complexity of purchasing and the desire for autonomy, it becomes essential to be guided. The practice of social selling then takes on its full meaning to establish its credibility. The trigger (Trigger Selling) While the main goal of social selling is selling, your most important activity should be helping others to grow. Conversion will come naturally. How to do social selling? Have a profile that inspires confidence at a minimum People want to see men, not brands. It is therefore essential to have a pre-existing reputation. For this, do not hesitate to speak on your behalf and not that of your company. Don’t be afraid to be divisive and assert your convictions.

This is the best way to strengthen attachment and commitment. ​Establish your social selling process and routine First, find and listen. Indeed, starting to follow people is a good first technique to connect. However, don’t get stuck in your habits . Practices are constantly evolving. Do not put a blink of an eye but stay open to developments! Be patient The first thing to do is to comment while adding value. It is much more effective than redistributing, especially by asserting your point of view. For the more seasoned, post text and video content. The ideal is to post videos natively. This way, Linkedin will value your content more and your contacts will have no choice but to comment or share it without being able to access it through another entry. Finally, the final stage is writing blog posts. Get support to refine your social selling practices

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