Developing a marketing plan does not require a complex tool. However, its conceptualization requires a rigorous and structured approach. Increase Pakistan Email List the effectiveness of your strategic marketing plans by following 5 simple rules. Objectives of the webinar: Master the essential role of the strategic marketing plan Make your strategic marketing plans more effective by respecting 5 main principles Avoid the classic pitfalls of a strategic marketing plan The advantages of the webinar 0% theory / 100% practical Simple and operational rules to increase the effectiveness of your strategic marketing plans The speaker: Consultant, trainer, Mentor, Michel Ducamus regularly supports companies in the development of their strategic marketing plans (recently: SOMFY, Comexposium, SFR…).

Don’t wait any longer to register ! We hope lots of you come ! Samuel Plassmann, Sales Director France of Liana Technologies presents his innovative approach as a young sales director. Samuel Plassmann, Sales Director France of Liana Technologies presents his vision of sales management in a relaxed and benevolent approach. He returns to these commercial and managerial challenges in a competitive sector: marketing. It also specifies the essential skills sought to build an ideal team. He also reviews his best practices to motivate his sales teams by mobilizing the essential qualities as a sales director. An inspiring interview to face the daily challenges of a sales manager.

The “indispensable” question

The “pitch” questio What is the main stake this year for your profession? Lately, I have the feeling that everyone is talking about AI (Artificial Intelligence). This is especially true in the marketing community. However, in my opinion, it is a buzzword to be taken with a grain of salt because for the moment it does not exist. It’s just a more powerful algorithm. Contrary to the alerts that are often issued, I am convinced that our businesses will continue. Human intervention remains and will remain essential to any strategic approach. As sales manager, my main challenge is to be able to anticipate things over the year. The challenge I set for myself is also to develop the skills of my employees so that they can flourish in their work. Finally, I am constantly looking for new prospecting methods to bring more performance and comfort to my salespeople.


The business question What has changed the most in your industry? The most striking phenomenon in the B2B field is that B2B interlocutors increasingly resemble B2C customers. They are just as volatile and mature. We must always deploy more efforts to keep our place in the face of a very slight decrease in marketing budgets and in the face of competition from startups with their freemium offers whose design attracts but often offer little flexibility. To respond to these changes, our focus is therefore to offer tailor-made projects that best suit the customer’s needs. The “challenge” question To cope with changes in the profession, what skills should be developed for a salesperson today?

The “inspiring” question

The division of teams to better distribute skills is an asset. The distribution of skills requires closer collaboration between the marketing and sales teams . Be careful, however, that each remains an expert in their field. Strategy is the responsibility of marketing while the salesperson takes care of the operational part. The 2 parties must communicate, it is essential. In an inbound marketing strategy like ours, we need to create cohesion. In the same logic, a salesperson can only think about his own personal interest because it is much easier to lose a customer. This is why the new job of Customer Success Manager or “farmer” is gaining more and more importance in sales teams. Indeed, it is always more expensive to find new customers. The Customer Success Manager therefore deals exclusively with existing customers in order to retain them.

The salesperson must seek proximity by showing empathy. Really understanding the customer is essential, especially on tailor-made marketing projects, it is the key to anticipating in the face of an increasingly mature and informed customer. You have to be ready and know the challenges of your customers in the broad sense such as, for example, your sectoral challenges. Having a 360 degree vision allows you to gain relevance in your business proposals. The “team” question How do you manage to set a course for your sales team and keep it? What is your secret to unite and motivate your team? To motivate and unite my teams, my priority is to set challenging objectives based on previous years, but which remain achievable. These days, motivation no longer comes from a charismatic leader.

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