The travel sector was marked this year by an increase in holiday departures ( a gain of 2.2 million – 2017 Study ) and a digitization of the purchasing journey . We believe that there is an opportunity to be seized. So, travel agencies, we are organizing this webinar for you. Don’t miss it. Take off your SEO and embark on a successful digital strategy . Digital strategy for travel agencies: 2 key figures 90% of travel searches in France are done online digital strategy travel agency Source: Google / TNS, Mobile Traveler 2016, France 1 in 2 French people who went on vacation in 2016 booked and paid for all or part of their stay on the Internet. Digital strategy travel agency Source: Barometer 2017 The challenges of the digital strategy for travel agencies The digital strategy of a travel agency serves several purposes: Promote the conversion funnel . How? ‘Or’ What ?

Thanks to ergonomics, targeting, content . Put in place effective tools to increase sales tenfold. How? ‘Or’ What ? Thanks to a quality purchasing funnel. Have a hard-hitting SEO strategy. Why ? Be visible on search engines and positioned on the right keywords. Specific issues will be addressed: For example, duplication of content, which is inherent in similar “travel packages” from one city or country to another. But Google rejects duplicates. So what are the tips Malaysia Phone Number List getting through the cracks? How to generate opinions or recommendations on social networks? How to mobilize influencers? We know that they have an important weight in the decision-making of an Internet user who organizes his trip. The digital strategy is therefore crucial for a travel agency. Therefore, tourism professionals and travel agencies, this webinar has been prepared for you. See you on November 22, 2017 at 12:30 p.m.

Our experts for your digital strategy

The program to optimize the digital strategy of a travel agency We will draw on our expertise and share with you our experiences on the successful digital strategies of travel agencies. 1- Build a good SEO framework 2- How to optimize your paid referencing? 3- What communication strategy on social networks? 4- How to adapt to changes, retain customers? 5- How to build an effective dashboard? 6- Questions / Answers around the digital strategy adapted to travel agencies. Our experts for your digital strategy In 45 minutes, we will discuss practical cases and we will give you the technical keys to help you optimize your SEO and maximize your sales according to the specificities of your sector . This is why two experts will take a 360 tour of the digital strategy of travel agencies. Twitter has lapidary writing in its DNA. 140 characters, not much more.


You will place yourself in strategy to get the most out of it. Sifting through its data deserves a clever mix of machine and human. Because psychoanalysis know it, words betray us. Some slip-ups are perhaps not to be thrown into oblivion. When Google search decrypts your psyche Personas In short, marketing rules are being redefined to identify much more precise targets with a wider range, thanks to Big Data, which offers a much larger field of data than surveys. It is a real sweep of the “housewife under 50”. The “buyer persona” are emerging . These typical profiles have been redefined by digital behavior which has provided unprecedented data that brands have never used before. Paradoxically, to be visible in the Web window, it is now a question of betting more on the needle than on the twig of hay in the immensity of the haystack.

Do you work in a travel agency? Are you concerned by its digital strategy?

Give us these 8 seconds which will be optimized by our experts and judiciously placed in an AdWords advertising campaign or on social networks. Here we give you some tips for text ads . From keyword to semantics, from persona and chatbot to psyche Google looks at semantics A year after the interview with Greg, we can still prove prescient as an expert in the J journal Ne t demonstrates how impact SEO and drags the keyword strategy to semantics strategy. For example, the use of a chatbot could prove to be a valuable tool for a bank, an insurance company, a large school or a business looking to collect data on its communities. We specify in one of our articles how to create a chatbot on its website. Keywords and phrases collected through your chatbot will allow you to refine your semantics .

Our expertise, particularly in Social Media and Brand Content, is at your service . Statistics related to your social networks allow you to know more about your target. Source 8 seconds is the time you have to capture the attention of Internet users. 8 seconds to arouse curiosity. 8 seconds to convince. 8 seconds to create engagement. Those 8 seconds are precious, don’t waste them awkwardly. This is how the La Mie Cuddle brand completely revised its target customers. Five “buyer personas” have emerged and now condition their digital strategy. They are shown in the video below, because the brand had fun capitalizing on its marketing strategy to turn it into an advertising campaign. If in Le Journal du Net , he tells you how to take into account for its natural referencing, the reality in the making seems much more complex than that.


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