Any strategy carried out on social networks is necessarily accompanied by monitoring and in-depth analysis of statistics to assess the relevance and impact of your actions. However, the difficulty may lie in choosing which KPIs to take into account. The KPIs for key performance indicators in French, are very numerous. It is then necessary to determine those which will evaluate your strategy best according to the objectives to be achieved. For Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, what are the best KPIs? The main KPIs for monitoring your social networks Social media tracking KPIs This table shows the main KPIs for monitoring your social networks. These key performance indicators highlight statistics related to your account (evolution of the number of fans / subscribers / followers) and your publications. The performance measurement of your publications varies depending on the specifics of the social network.

Acquisition If your goal is to grow your community on social media, consider: the evolution of your community by following the number of fans / subscribers / followers the growth of your community by calculating the growth rates of subscribers for each social network the share of your community for each social network compared to your total community (do the same calculation with the figures of your competitors to make the comparison) the traffic to Kenya Phone Number List website / blog from social networks. Interaction and engagement To generate more interactions, engagements and find ambassadors for your brand, you need to analyze: the number of interactions (like, share, comment, favorites, retweet) the progression of interactions with a growth rate the performance of published posts with the engagement rate of each publication your hashtags (number and growth) the share of influencers / ambassadors in relation to your target audience your community’s social influence score.

The Essential Kpis According To Your Objectives

On Facebook: It’s important to analyze the reach and impressions of your posts to see if they’ve been seen. Then, you have to look at the interactions and engagement related to your posts. Did they make your fans react? This way you know if your posts have been successful or not. On Instagram: The KPIs are quite similar to those of Facebook since it is necessary to follow the evolution of the number of subscribers and the engagement rate of your publications. However, it will also be necessary to monitor the hashtags, mentions and relating to your account. On Twitter : It is necessary to monitor the growth of your account, but also the performance of your tweets and the indicators that concern your brand. On YouTube: Like other social networks, you have to follow the activity of your channel in terms of subscribers.


The essential KPIs according to your objectives Notoriety If you want to increase awareness of your brand or offer through social media, you need to watch out the endorsements and hashtags you about the impressions (or views ) your publications the reach / scope the traffic to your website / blog from social networks. Satisfaction If you want to improve your image and customer satisfaction with your brand, for example, you can study: the feelings that emerge from comments posted by your followers the endorsements and hashtags the favorites to Twitter The “Like” / “I do not like” to YouTube the loss of subscribers . Conversion To measure the conversion generated through your social networks, you can analyze: the conversion rate ( Facebook Insights, for example, offers this rate which measures the ability of your fans to generate conversions on your site) the number of link clicks the number of leads coming from your social networks.

The Main Kpis For Monitoring Your Social Networks

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