Marketers, come and hack your uses with the blockchain! Tuesday March 3 from 11:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Blockchain is a technology with Lithuania Email List tremendous potential but whose outlines are still too little known to professionals. Its professional use is above all a tremendous novelty in terms of securing professional data and a major innovation in the confidence and automation that this technology allows. It is also necessary to decipher its functioning and its typologies to consider new marketing uses. Objectives of the webinar: Define the blockchain ecosystem and how it works Identify the potential and uses of blockchains thanks to business data driven Decipher the use cases applied to marketing The advantages of the webinar:

Simplicity of explanations and clarifications of definitions Perceptions and understanding of the issues Deepening synergies between data marketing and the development of blockchains Speaker: Olivier Lagrandeur is CEO of Data Inceptio, a company specializing in data consulting and training. Initiating the right data strategy from the start of your project is what Data Inceptio is working on, which trains nearly 300 data analysts in the Nantes region on data courses in different professions (finance, digital marketing, Business Intelligence) . He is also a lecturer and works on the understanding of ecosystems linked to data and Big Data. As we all know, customer satisfaction is a lever of loyalty and upsell ; therefore growth for your business.

2 – The Voice boat

However, many companies are still developing their customer journeys without including their customers at the heart of their thinking. According to a recent Hubspot * article on Cost and Acquisition Strategies: 90% of customers are likely to buy more and 93% of customers are likely to become repeat customers if customer service seems flawless. Thus, it is more than ever necessary to offer a customer experience that is consistent with your brand and transparent to your targets, in particular by finding innovative ways to meet their needs. Focus on 5 (new) customer relationship trends that must be rolled out in 2020! “Video is an effective form of communication that should be integrated into every aspect of your marketing efforts. ” – James Wedmore


Video has become the essential channel for all your marketing strategies. If you are looking to provide a better consumer experience, then now is the time to integrate this solution into your customer supports. Using a video chat will help you stand out because you can provide a fast customer service solution that a lot of your competition is unlikely to use yet. Plus, the video will help you create a more personal connection and build long-term relationships with your customers. How does it work in practice? Suppose a customer arrives on your website, video chat is a very useful way to guide them in their requests and help them discover your services / products while providing them with precise information and directing them to an offer. adapted. It is therefore a quasi-personalized customer experience!

5 online customer relationship trends to ensure your business success in 2020

Video chat therefore allows you to: Instantly resolve browsing difficulties for the Internet user Maximize the chances of converting sales from your website Increase the engagement and satisfaction of your customers “Ok Google”, “Alexa”, “Hey Siri”, voice search via these voicebots is now installed in our daily lives! Customers therefore expect this technology to accompany their browsing and be present in customer support. A voicebot has all the peculiarities of a chatbot, but with the added advantage of being able to be used without hands! By offering this solution to your customers, you are able to provide fast and immediate service thanks to an intuitive and human conversation, able to manage the majority of the problems, while your collaborators will be mobilized to answer more complex requests.

Some companies have understood the importance of having a Voicebot to revolutionize the customer experience. This is particularly the case of AMTRAK , the largest rail service in the United States, which, through this tool, seeks both to simplify the online reservation process and to reduce customer support costs. To meet this challenge, they adopted an intelligent agent “Ask Julie” which allowed them to provide written and vocal responses to their clients’ questions. With this tool, the company is now able to respond to more than 5 million requests per year and saves $ 1 million per year in customer service fees. When a customer encounters a problem with your product or service, their first thought is no longer to pick up the phone, but rather to look for the chatbot on the website to quickly resolve their problem. These self-service solutions are gradually revolutionizing customer relationship management in your companies.

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