What digital strategy to adopt according to the profiles of buyers? What digital strategy to employ with these buyers? The ideal customer and the loyal customer: This customer profile is a bit like the holy grail of retail. Everyone would love to have them, but unfortunately this is not always the case. So when you have them, you have to keep them. The objective is therefore to retain them . Your customer loyalty strategy on the Internet can very well involve the establishment of a loyalty program. You can also grant your loyal customers additional advantages (promotions, gifts, free shipping, etc.) that you will offer them via personalized emailing campaigns . Social networks can also be good tools to retain them. For example, you can create private groups on Facebook, or elect your brand ambassadors on Instagram. The idea is them the feeling of being privileged .

The company which offers on-line and in-store solutions to improve the customer experience, recently offered an infographic on the different buyer profiles in 2017. Thanks to their experience in in-store and online retail, they were able to portray the 10 buyer profiles that a retailer can meet. What are the 10 buyer profiles? If the buyer profiles established by are inspired by both retail instore and online, we can quite find these profiles in e-commerce only. The Afghanistan Phone Number List buyer profile: Even online, we find this famous customer king, the one who demands attention. To satisfy them, you have to offer them impeccable online customer service. You have to offer omnichannel customer service , and whatever the channel, you have to be available at all times. In addition to telephone customer service, meet their expectations by e-mail, on your website via a chatbot or on social networks via messaging applications.

What are the 10 buyer profiles?

The disgruntled buyer profile: Online, this customer will express their dissatisfaction by posting negative reviews and comments about your store. You can’t ignore unhappy customers, or worse respond in a condescending or disrespectful tone. In any case, you have to show these profiles of disgruntled buyers that you take their opinion into account , or even find a solution to reverse the trend. These negative reviews need to be handled very tactfully to nurture your brand image . The impulse buyer profile: The idea is to encourage these buyer profiles to take action. So do not hesitate to use the call-to-action to encourage them. Use call-to-action buttons whenever you can: on your AdWords ads, on your social media profiles, on Facebook Ads ads, etc. At the same time, we must offer these buyer profiles a service or a product that they will not regret in order to avoid any backtracking.


Finally, satisfying the king customer is not only about meeting all their requests, it is also about meeting their expectations in terms of services. Offer postage and returns, offer gift packaging, be precise and exhaustive in the description of products. The notion of customer satisfaction king on the Internet is knowing how to anticipate anything he could blame you and everything he expects from you . Comparator buyer profile: Difficult to miss the comparison customer, especially in an e-commerce context. It has become a reflex, a standard. Make it easier for him by offering, for example, a comparison tool and filters so that he can easily compare your different products. Be as specific as possible in your product sheets. However, the comparison customer does not only compare products with each other, he will also compare prices with the competition. It’s up to you to offer him the best offer.

What digital strategy to employ with these buyers?

For example, promote your attractive prices through a Shopping campaign with Google AdWords . The undecided buyer profile: The undecided customer takes all his time before a purchase. It takes an average of 13 hours between research and the act of purchasing online. To promote the passage to the act of purchase, bring him the arguments that will hit the mark. Be exhaustive in your product sheets while being convincing. Also be present throughout their purchasing journey by answering all their questions. And why not launch remarketing campaigns with AdWords or Facebook Ads ? The curious buyer profile: To seduce the curious customer on your site, offer them a unique customer experience to hold their attention, to encourage them to stay and to buy your products. Just like with the undecided customer, you can retarget these curious customers with a remarketing campaign .

The opportunistic buyer profile: Opportunistic customers will be drawn to the benefits you can offer them. Free shipping and returns, click and collect, discounts and other promotional offers will seduce them. Highlight these advantages in your Search and Display campaigns, for example. Thus, text ads may contain hook extensions with your various benefits or price extensions. The knowledgeable buyer profile: As with the king customer, the connoisseur awaits you at the turn. Come up with an impeccable deal and service and you should be fine. ? Available and efficient customer service, a polished brand image and an advantageous offer, this is ultimately what all your customers expect from you. But to go further and seize all the conversion opportunities emanating from the different buyer profiles, why not get into web marketing? Setting up and monitoring AdWords and Social Ads campaigns are part of our area of ​​expertise.

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