According to Pascal Pellier, President and Founder of Clipperton Business Development and expert consultant in business development French Guiana Email List and marketing. You are very interested in social selling, can you tell us why? Pascal : It’s a new business discipline that is blowing fresh air on customer relations and that feels good. I am passionate about sales and marketing and therefore combining the two is a vector for me to improve and enrich the customer relationship. This is the fundamental principle of social selling. Can you tell us more? What exactly is social selling? Pascal : Social selling is the art and the way to use social networks to develop sales. According to the latest marketing studies,

80% of prospects and customers go to social networks or the web at the start of their purchasing process (according to the digital newspaper and the CMIT). Regarding sales in BtoB, decision-makers, buyers, managers will go and see your LinkedIn, Facebook pro or Twitter profile, for example, before the meeting. Some sales people do it, others should do the same. Isn’t it interesting to know, to have as much information as possible and to be interested in your interlocutor before a meeting thanks to social selling techniques? But suddenly, what really changes? What are the reasons for doing social selling? Pascal : Everything. Indeed, yesterday we were still talking about the sales cycle with the classics:

What Will Be The Final Word On Social Selling?

Prospecting> Demonstration-paper brochure> Pre-sales-Estimate> Negotiation> Sale and signature. The company and the teams mainly focused on this part. Now, we are talking about the customer experience that begins long before with the notoriety, the recommendation, the birth of the need, the research of the customer that he now does alone on his smartphone, his computer or his tablet. The commitment to the relationship could even come from the customer. Did you know that 57% of the time of the buying process takes place without the supplier knowing (according to BtoB Marketeers)! It’s very interesting, but why do social selling? How can he help in this new business environment? Pascal :


Social selling is also about making customers want to come to you. Before coming to you, your future customers will themselves learn about the company, read your content and comments about you. They will also go to see the profile of the leaders, your profile, your experiences, the customer benefits that you bring and your achievements. You will be able to do the same and start a conversation. Therein lies all the interest and the power of good social selling practices. In practice, how do you do social selling? Does it impose a certain discipline? Pascal : You can say that but, in my opinion, it is an integral part of his work when you represent a company. This concerns salespeople but also purchasing,

It’s Very Interesting, But Why Do Social Selling? How Can He Help In This New Business Environment?

HR, managers and all those in contact with the outside world. This is what was said during the last #SocialSellingForum “in Paris and in the big cities:” social selling is to make yourself known, to be recommended, to give to receive, to share and to make you want to be bought. rather than selling ”. So yes, it requires everyone’s time and contribution, but no more than other less effective prospecting actions or unnecessary meetings. We know that all the companies that have used social selling are much more efficient and all get results . What will be the final word on social selling?


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