Today, the issue of leadership is at the heart of all projects and all teams. For several decades, organizations have understood that Trinidad and Tobago Email List expertise is no longer enough and that people are essential to all success. It is at the heart of success. To capture this collective energy, organizations understood that they needed leaders. But from which leaders? What styles of leadership? From leaders charismatic , able to lead the way and set to music strategy? From Methodology leaders , able to establish a framework and structure the projects? Local leaders , capable of giving meaning and activating the levers of individual motivation? All these postures being necessary,

leadership has emerged as the inescapable answer to all challenges. The role of the leader has thus become complex to assume for a single man or a single woman. Leadership: a team dynamic When we observe the adventure of the French football team, world champion, to whom do we attribute the role of leader? To Hugo Loris, official captain? To Paul Pokba, locker room coach? A N’Golo Kanté, example of self-sacrifice, exemplarity but also discretion? or then to Didier Déchamps, coach turned towards the final goal? Without doubt to each of them, and to their multiple skills. In that case, resting the leadership on two simple shoulders could have cost victory.

Leadership, A Responsibility That Creates Opportunities

When we look up and observe the flight of migratory birds that connect continents and fly over territories, we learn that their flights are organized around a “squadron leader” roll. Each taking the head of the group successively and each agreeing to leave it and join the collective. To find the right style of leadership, should we be inspired by this instinctive behavior? Revisiting our vision of leadership Could we be inspired by these millennial cycles? At a time when our society is stirred by civic actions and collaborative approaches, and when Generation Z calls out to us about our relationship to power, it would be interesting to revisit our perspective on what “a leader” is, a leader. ,


and on its role in organizations. We must also analyze what this culture of indestructible guides can pose to our projects as a human risk. This reflection does not call into question the idea that leadership is necessary for our collective successes, and that from the schoolyard emerge the temperaments of leaders who influence and train individuals. It is an inevitable state. Nevertheless, we need to imagine new styles of leadership, less individualistic. Leadership, a responsibility that creates opportunities Questioning the chef’s culture that we were taught would allow us to experiment with new approaches. This is the opportunity to accept that we are co-responsible adults and no longer admiring children waiting for saviors.

Leadership: A Team Dynamic

The challenge is there: to invent new styles of leadership, models, creative and empowering, which will allow us to succeed together . Let us seize this wonderful opportunity to grow and make organizations grow in humility and responsibility! According to Pinterest’s Manifesto 2018, well-being has become, in recent years, a fundamental trend in the searches of its users. Indeed, on Pinterest, searches on this subject have increased by 140% since January 2018. However, this phenomenon is not limited to the only inspirational platform. Publications, media or spontaneous, multiply to evoke this professional and personal aspiration. Find solutions to calm your daily life and better manage stressful situations

In the professional context, the acceleration of projects, the multiplication of contacts and the intensification of expectations… are all causes of stress. Faced with these challenges and to preserve your serenity, the ISM wishes to bring you simple yoga exercises that can be applied daily to relieve the pressure. This article is the first in a series showing you some yoga poses that will help you better deal with stressful situations. Sometimes you have to know how to be flexible, especially to work across the board! Nothing better than the downward dog posture to achieve this. Stretch your back and legs, relax your diaphragm. This helps to irrigate your brain to have a clear mind.

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