Lætitia PARISE Sales and Marketing Director AQUENT 1. Can you pitch Aquent to us in one sentence? Aquent is the international recruitment Liberia Email List and interim agency specializing in marketing, creation and digital professions. Our mission: to bring together talents and customers to lift mountains! 2. Data, IA, IoT…: what are the emerging professions? The 3 ! ☺ Data professions are not emerging, they have become dominant. In reality, it is the old professions of statisticians that have exploded with the emergence of Big Data in particular. The AI ​​/ IoT professions bring together several professions: marketer, developer, designer. New professions will also appear / reinvent themselves to program, educate and manage this artificial intelligence.

The psychologist will perhaps play a preponderant role in the part of learning, perception, behavior; as well as trades related to ethics. And yes, AI is going to make certain professions disappear, that is undeniable. But it will make new ones appear. Don’t panic! 3. Conversely, are certain marketing functions doomed to disappear? Marketing has always played an important role in companies. Today, it has become central, driving force in the very definition of a company’s strategy. I do not think that certain functions will be made to disappear, but will rather evolve. The Chief Digital Officer for example. Its mission has a limited lifespan as such. According to the feedback we have on the market, it no longer has a reason to exist once the company has taken the digital turn.

3. Conversely, Are Certain Marketing Functions Doomed To Disappear?

He must therefore necessarily evolve within the company, in other marketing or strategic functions. Its development also depends on the maturity of the structure. 4. What are, according to you, the main qualities that the marketer of tomorrow must have? Technical skills necessarily, but also a lot of interpersonal skills which are becoming more and more important today, especially among junior profiles who can less highlight their know-how. For a marketer, it is essential today (and tomorrow) that he be a good communicator, that he knows and enjoys working in a team, that he is curious, on the lookout for new trends, and proactive. Tomorrow, even more than today, we will be looking for a personality, and not just a technician.


5. If you had to name one source of inspiration in your profession, what would it be? My inspiration is often stimulated by the fresh air and nature. A walk in the forest allows me to clear my head, take a step back and analyze in an effective and relevant way the directions to be taken or the subjects to be explored or to be tackled in the near future. In the daily whirlwind of information and exchanges, these moments of solitude and analysis are important for my balance and my step back and my analysis. To go further, see you on January 31, 2019 for our next conference “Marketing Trends & Innovations” during which Lætitia PARISE will present the mapping of new marketing skills

2. Data, Ia, Iot…: What Are The Emerging Professions?

The purchasing journey and the behavior of customers have changed a lot in recent years: meeting a sales representative is late. Indeed, the customer has already gathered information about your products via his research on the web and approximately 80% of the purchasing process has already been carried out (source: Gartner research) before meeting with a sales representative. This is what Google calls the ZMOT (zero moment of truth), that famous moment when the potential customer has a 1 st touch with your product, hence the importance of your web visibility. This is why companies are now relying on Inbound Marketing (marketing that allows you to be easily found by your target customers) which should allow the marketing department to provide many qualified leads to salespeople.

SMarketing quickly becomes essential. The concept of Smarketing is based on the following observation: salespeople and marketers are not on the same wavelength! You have surely heard phrases like this from salespeople: “It is again the marketing which gave us this thing, it will be unsalable…” “They are really out of touch with the reality on the ground …” Or marketers: “They don’t even try to sell the new stuff …” They illustrate the gulf that sometimes exists between these two services which nevertheless have at least one common objective: that of increasing sales. What are the consequences of a lack of collaboration between these 2 services? Today, in many companies, these 2 services are sorely lacking in alignment

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