Emailing has become an essential tool for businesses. More than just an email, launching a campaign is based on reflection, a clear strategy and several principles. In this article, we therefore seek to explain to you one of the principles of e-mailing, we speak of “e-mailing scenarios”. To understand, an e-mailing scenario is a chain. Of e-mails intended for our target in order to achieve a commercial or marketing objective. In fact, these e-mailing scenarios can be fully automated as part of a marketing automation strategy and launched using the trigger marketing principle.

What is trigger marketing? This concept consists of sending messages in response to a given event. The goal is to adapt as much as possible to your target, reach it at the right time and increase your chances of conversion. How it works ? It is more precisely an unfolding of an event imagined in advance. According to the principle of marketing automation , each scenario carried out is triggered by a planned behavior. It’s just like having a conversation with someone you know well and want to offer them a plan, but you know they won’t be convinced by the invitation

Emailing scenarios at the heart of marketing automation

Among the most popular cases: 1: The welcome email 2: The first purchase 3: The relaunch of the basket 4: Downloading content 5: Event monitoring 6: The anniversary date Customer satisfaction: “Personalized messages are more memorable. In fact, sending emails that adapt to the needs of your user at every moment is an effective solution that New Zealand Phone Number increases the satisfaction of your customers. “Boost engagement: In addition, set up e-mailing scenarios adapted to each of your contacts, this will allow you to improve their engagement with your brand.Awareness: By treating your customers well you will be much more likely to remember when they are ready to buy “TOP OF MIND”, we are also talking about perception, a personalized email promotes the perception of the image of the brand, knowing that ‘a positive perception boosts marketing.

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It therefore leaves you more time / energy to use for the improvement of strategies, creativity and optimization of results. In conclusion, emailing and emailing scenarios trigger better results for your business. Additionally, event-based communication with your customers maximizes conversion opportunities at all stages of the funnel. This allows you to better understand your audience, send targeted messages to users. Who already know your brand, and additionally track the effectiveness of your advertising efforts.

What are the advantages of e-mailing scenarios?

RSA makes ads more flexible while delivering better results and that’s through the use of Google’s machine learning technology. Indeed, Google’s Responsive Search Ads represent the new search campaign format which now. Gives you the possibility to specify up to 15 titles and 4 descriptions. “A / B testing for your Google search campaigns, Google saves you time and optimizes for you by showing the most engaging combination of title and description. ” Now, let’s discover the new search campaign format developed by Google’s machine learning. Responsive search ads This Google algorithm tests different combinations and selects the ones that perform the most. Then it will display different results to Internet users depending on the keywords used. Their device, their browsing behavior and other detailed criteria.

How RSAs Work Indeed, the more titles and descriptions entered, the more Google’s machine learning can test. The goal is to learn which combinations work best with different search queries for better optimization. Indeed, the idea behind is to gain relevance. But also to adapt the optimal combination for all your targets and improve the performance of your campaigns. Since RSA allows to display more texts and messages to customers. In addition, these ads can have three headlines of 30 characters and two descriptions of 90 characters. You can also specify their width, giving more space to display on the mobile. In short, it will improve the visibility of your search ads on mobile devices.

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