Agorapulse is organizing What’s Up Social on December 4 and 5. This event for social media professionals will explore current trends in 18 conferences. We regularly talk to you about and its tool allowing you to manage several social media presences . is launching a completely free online event this year for all social media and marketing professionals. The Ecuador WhatsApp Number List will take place on December 4 and 5, and will offer 18 conferences organized around 4 main themes: Future of social media, Creative content, Advertising and data, Strategies that work. All the content will be as concrete as possible and will be based on examples of brands. The objective of the event is to share advice and best practices related to social networks. Speakers’ speeches will be broadcast free of charge on and will be accessible in replay for 6 months following their broadcast.

The program is already available online and brings together some great names. Here is for example some proposed contents: Future of social media: 2020-2022 Mathieu Flaig How to produce original and engaging video content? Benjamin Martinie 2019-2020: from the emergence of stories to the advent of TikTok Jonathan Le Borgne Using Pinterest to develop your Noémi Micheau brand Paid Social to accelerate the growth of Startups Jessy Grossi We appreciate the real expertise of the speakers as well as their pluralism: Social Media Managers, consultants, Data and content experts or even agency creative directors. So a great event, and to be sure you don’t miss it, consider registering online. Google has not officially communicated on this subject, but many SEOs are noticing large variations in their organic traffic.

Agorapulse and its tool allowing you to manage several social media presences

In recent days, SEOs have echoed strong variations in search results. Search Engine Journal has gathered comments posted by SEOs on Twitter and specialized Facebook groups: many of them assume the deployment of a relatively important update of Google algorithms. The effects seem noticeable since last Wednesday, November 6, 2019. What to know about this alleged update There are obviously more losers than winners. SEO testimonials show that many sectors are impacted: food and travel bloggers, tech media, e-commerce sites … Traffic drops are sometimes significant and featured snippets could be one of the levers involved – especially for cooking bloggers who post recipes on their sites. Variations in organic traffic are not necessarily correlated with strong changes in the ranking of results, which focuses attention on additional Google devices (featured snippets, PAA, carousels, top stories, etc.).


November Update: 2 actions to take And now, what to do? The first action to take is to check, via Google Analytics or even Search Console, whether positive or negative effects are noticeable on your site. Have you observed a decrease or an increase in organic traffic since Wednesday, when you compare this moment to an equivalent period (beware of bank holiday Monday)? Are you noticing a drop in impressions of your key pages? If so, did you trust position zero on high traffic requests? Is this still the case ? You can also use SEO monitoring tools to check these indicators. If your site seems impacted, it is surely urgent to wait. You can try to find common points, elements that you find on the majority of your impacted pages. You can look at the queries concerned, you may notice an evolution of Google’s features (featured snippets, etc.).

The program is already available online and brings together some great names

But beware of over-interpretation: modifying these previously well-referenced pages could have a more negative impact than a positive one. By wanting to do well in a rush, you risk reducing your organic traffic even more. No official communication from Google Google hasn’t officially communicated about a November update – unless the disruption has something to do with BERT . In his summary of SEO news for 2019 , Vincent Courson recalled that more than 3,000 updates are carried out per year and that the engine only communicates in 4 cases: the change corresponds to recurring feedback, an action must be performed by SEOs, this is a core update or an exceptional situation. For the moment, none of these 4 criteria therefore seem to be verified. If other elements reach us or if Google officially communicates on this subject, we will be sure to update this article or publish a new one.

You will be able to discover them in more detail and understand how they can fit into your business strategy. See you on Tuesday January 28, 2020 at the Couvent des Jacobins in Rennes for Inbound Marketing France 2020! That goes without saying). A well-structured SEO FAQ is an integral part of an overall content strategy: if your content is quality, your pages well meshed and if you measure your conversion devices correctly, you should get a significant qualified traffic. An accessible and effective SEO technique The SEO experts have said it again to Blend Web Mix: there are still many opportunities related to content: even if you do not have the strike force of a mutination, do not complex, at least not before. to have gone to see what some big brands are doing which are far from having all understood the opportunities linked to this SEO FAQ.

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