#AdWords (@Markenmutti) August 2, 2017 @BingAds Are you somehow responsible for the #adwords crashing ^^ #AdwordsDown (@SantaO_o) August 2, 2017 Enrique Maldonado (@ENRMaldonado) August 2, 2017 Oh dear, #AdwordsDown on a reporting week! What happened ? A day almost like any other This morning, as usual, our Google AdWords expert came to work early. Nothing foreshadowed a troubled day. 8:30 am – Preparation: switching on the PCs, coffee, a little morning stretch and let’s go! 8:40 am – Checking e-mails (little celebration: it’s nice to be in August) 9 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. – It’s the parade of colleagues! A kiss here, a kiss there, and all that between two e-mails. 10am – Coffee break, little walk in the office, a failed basket and off we go! 10:10 am – Configuration and optimization of Search and Display campaigns , Remarketing, campaign reporting,… We get to the heart of the matter!

Since this morning, Google AdWords has suffered a technical problem preventing any possible action on Google’s advertising network. Let’s go back to the few pieces of information that we were able to find. A worldwide crash? Obviously, it would seem that this technical problem is not only ongoing in France, other countries would be affected. In any case, this is what tweets from the four corners of the world, or at least from Europe, let us think. Google AdWords down. 11am – IT’S THE DRAMA! ?Red alert ? Google AdWords is unresponsive. Almost never seen before for Cambodia Phone Number List AdWords expert! Google AdWords crippled! While he was going about his usual business on Google AdWords, suddenly, unable to access the functionality of the tool. The news quickly spread on Twitter #AdWords #AdWordsDown. Google AdWords bug While waiting for a return to normal, what can an AdWords expert do without their tool of choice?

A worldwide crash?

There are also pairs of glasses in the same genre. Interested? # 2 make jokes to colleagues Running out of inspiration? You can for example: exchange the keyboard keys of your colleagues; make a colleague believe that he was hacked thanks to Hacker take a screenshot of his desktop, remove the icons present, then replace his wallpaper with the screenshot of his old desktop; change the home page of its search engine, its wallpaper. The list can go on. Usually, when it comes to making jokes, you’re pretty inspired. Any new idea will be welcome as a comment. # 3 Practice on the office mini-basketball hoop At the office of SEO / SEA / Social Ads experts, it’s a rite of passage. Training is essential! [EDIT: Google AdWords is back to normal, take the stickers off your eyes, put the basketball down and stop disturbing your colleagues, go back to your AdWords campaigns instead! ? ]


Social networks and instant messengers are not the only ones to embark on this field. We mainly find: Smartphone manufacturers: Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay Google with its Google Wallet Pure players: Lydia, Circle. Banks: (Crédit Agricole, BNP Paribas, La Banque Société Générale, etc.) Groups of economic and financial players: Pay (Crédit Mastercard, Total, Auchan, BNP, Carrefour) Mobile telephone operators: Orange Cash Will mobile payment break through in France? Slow but growing use According to the latest study by Deloitte on the 2016 mobile usage of French people , only 5% of French people have ever occasionally or regularly used mobile payment. This low figure can be explained either by disinterest for 48% of them, or by “concerns about the level of security offered” (37%). More generally, the adoption of these new means of payment in the habits of Europeans is slower than expected.

3 activities to kill time at the office

Our AdWords expert’s vacation could be extended! 3 activities to kill time at the office # 1 sleep while pretending to work You can find everything on the Internet, and even stickers that look like real eyes. Mobile payment: when e-commerce is invited on social networks WeChat now has over 800 million users. Mobile payment appeals to many other players We now spend more time on the Internet from a mobile than from a computer. Our mobile purchases are also increasing. The mobile payment market is therefore attracting many players. However, the trend is tending to reverse. In its 2015 study, the research firm Forrester noted that the most reluctant Europeans were French consumers. Only 1 in 10 people said they were interested in the digital wallet, compared to a third of Italians and 21% of Spaniards. However, their latest study is more optimistic.

Regarding the means of payment, it’s a bit the same thing. As proof, the check is still valid. Admittedly, its use is decreasing, but this is still a higher use than the European average. French consumers are also very attached to their bank card, more than to cash. Mobile payment: when e-commerce is invited on social networks Source When contactless payment by bank card arrived, the French were rather resistant. Now, this means of payment is well established in their habits. According to the des CB: 605 million contactless payments were made in 2016, an increase of 158% compared to 2015 6.2 billion euros were paid by means of a contactless credit card, i.e. + 150% compared to 2015. Would mobile payment follow the same trail as contactless payment, unless they are in competition? Mobile payment may be in the shadow of contactless payment.

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