Sandrine, president of the We Are Social agency, explains in this column the growing importance of in the communication strategy of brands. Just as the Cannes Film Festival has existed for almost 75 years to reward the best cinematographic films, the best directors, the best actors and actresses, etc … the International Festival of Creativity, aka “the Cannes Lions”, has existed for 65 years and year after year highlights the best Nigeria WhatsApp Number List creations in different categories: branded content, film, film craft, PR, promotions & activations, outdoor… and more recently, the new social media & influencers category. This year, I had the great opportunity to be part of the Cannes Lions jury within this “social media & influencers” category, created in 2018, whose role is to reward the best social media and influence campaigns.

To the world and to bring out future trends in this sector. Thus, upstream of the festival, we were 10 jurors and a president of the jury to dissect more than 1800 international campaigns, to note them, to identify those which would not go beyond the shortlists, those which would deserve a shortlist. , a bronze, a silver, a gold and… the Grand Prix, supposed to represent the future of social media and influence. As much to say to you that during the last days of deliberation, we all felt a certain weight on our shoulders… How to identify THE Grand Prix, the one which will illustrate a fundamental trend for social media in the years to come? And finally, this choice was made unanimously within our group.

The International Festival Of Creativity

So, even if we loved the Nike “Dream Crazy” campaign with Colin Kaepernick (who also won 2 Gold in our category), we decided to give the Grand Prix to the “Keep Fortnite Fresh” campaign of Wendy’s (the American fast food restaurant). First of all, it is good to underline that the Wendy’s brand is a brand that is daring on social media, with a real assumed tone (cf. their #NationalRoastDay campaign ), which does a lot of “test & learn” on social networks. The operation “Keeping Fortnite Fresh” is a true illustration of this. The brand has indeed launched a giant battle royale “Team Pizza” versus “Team Burger” to its community on Fortnite, asking it to destroy all the burger freezers within the game (because “ Wendy’s doesn’t do frozen ”) . A fun and engaging way to convey its brand message


The Wendy’s brand only uses fresh steaks to make its burgers. A number of brands and organizations have also ventured into in recent months: New Balance with its Running with campaign, Samsung for its Galaxy Note9, or even WWF with the #NoBuildChallenge campaign that we imagined and orchestrated. within We Are Social and which was rewarded with 7 Shortlists at the Cannes Lions and 2 Lions (1 Bronze & 1 Silver). Today, some go so far as to say that is the new Facebook. Without going that far, the platform, beyond being a video game, does indeed represent the future of social networks. Created only 2 years ago, Fortnite now has more than 250 million players, who play, create content and converse together all over the world as they do today on other social networks

International Campaigns

It is a platform not to be overlooked when it comes to engagement! And if we still had to convince brands of the importance of Fortnite: this weekend was held in New York the World Cup, with in-game gains that even go beyond “traditional” sports ( millions of dollars ) and which gathered up to 2 million spectators on the game, including nearly a million just on Twitch and YouTube … Source: And to conclude on this 2019 edition of the Cannes Lions, one word: daring! Whether it’s Nike “Dream Crazy” or Wendy’s “Keep Fortnite Fresh”, these campaigns have their daring in common. At a time when it has never been so difficult to capture the available brain time of consumers, daring is key, it surprises, it creates commitment, emotion.

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