In this sense, SEO is today the sinews of war. If an SEO overhaul can allow you to develop your visibility on search engines, it is in your best  interest not to deprive yourself of it. To set up a responsive design Currently, more than a third of web visits are Andorra Email List made on a smartphone . This is a major trend, especially since this figure is constantly increasing. To optimally accommodate these mobile users, your site must therefore be responsive. A responsive design has the advantage of automatically adapting to the size of the screen used by a visitor, whether it is a computer, a tablet or a smartphone. Your prospect will be able to navigate easily between the pages of your site thanks to an optimized route.

the implementation of a responsive design is also an essential criterion of natural referencing. Google attaches particular importance to the experience offered by the various websites to its users, it will not hesitate to strongly penalize a domain that does not offer this functionality. In other words, you will not have a chance to appear in the first search results and will not be able to improve your positioning over time. If your site is not yet responsive, it is therefore advisable to redesign it as soon as possible to offer your visitors a user experience worthy of the name. Despite the health context, the trend is for the growth of online advertising, at the expense of traditional media. This is what the IAB noted when it published the results of the 6 th edition of its survey of 242 buyers of advertising space.

Uncertainties Over 2021 Advertising Budgets

While this is encouraging news for online marketers, it should be noted that most advertisers do not have visibility into their ad spending budgets for 2021. Online advertising In the lead: paid search and social networks According to IAB forecasts, these two digital advertising levers should end the year up by + 6% compared to 2019. Budget carryovers should therefore benefit the following channels: Paid Search (+ 26%), social networks (+ 25%), connected television (+ 19%), Digital Video (+ 18%), the Digital Display (+ 15%). According to analyzes, the digital outdoor advertising segment is expected to find itself


in great difficulty in 2020 with a sharp drop estimated at -43%. Digital Audio (-5%) and podcasts (-8%) should register a slight decrease compared to last year. Lagging behind: traditional media Global pessimism. The IAB’s forecast for ad spending for more traditional media channels is not going in the right direction with an 8% drop from 2019. Traditional outdoor advertising (excluding digital) is the sector that is expected to be the largest. more impacted (-46%). Print should experience a decline of 33%, ahead of radio (-31%) and linear television (-24%). Uncertainties over 2021 advertising budgets 70% of advertisers questioned on their 2021 budget forecasts are uncertain about planned media spending.

Lagging Behind: Traditional Media

What drives so many uncertainties? The advertisers surveyed fear in particular that their advertisements will appear on unfavorable areas of social platforms, such as proximity to a CTA or unreliable content published by users. At the same time, the IAB says buyers with a rough budget expect ad spend to rise + 5.3% in 2021 compared to 2020. IAB report statistics Download the full IAB study _____ Do not hesitate to contact our digital agency to support you in your natural referencing strategy. Otherwise, it’s a safe bet that it will immediately leave your site and never return. In addition to an obvious advantage in terms of user experience,

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