Working days Textile: organic cotton, nonorganic The  Design was verified by an expert Spread shirt Technique. Printing Production: Germany Textile. Organic cotton The Decreasing prices from 6 items Design by professional graphic designers Satisfied. Refunded The textile workshop Technique. Flocking, printing, screen printing, embroidery Production. France Textile: high quality, organic cotton Delivery: between 4 and 8 working days The. Free delivery Satisfied or refunded Once you have chosen your t-shirt. You import your design and place it wherever you want.

With the combination of digital and embroidery machines. You obtain qualitative and extremely durable results. The embroidery gives a very trendy handmade side. Washable at 30 ° C inside out Expensive per unit Where to make a personalized t-shirt? You have several options. You can simply go to a textile printing shop, which also sells t-shirts. They are found in all medium-sized cities. But our advice is to create your t-shirt. Is to order them online. There are many sites offering much the same service. Here are the most popular Mister T-shirt Technics. Printing, embroidery Production: France Textile. 100% organic cotton, recycled cotton Delivery: express in 24 hours Mister Tee Technique.Flocking, printing, screen printing, embroidery Delivery.

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The transfer is a fairly simple and fast technique. Washable at 30 ° C inside out, iron with a protective paper. Vinyl looks Great for lettering May to crack over time any support The impression Sample t-shirt print. With direct printing, ink is applied directly to Macedonia Phone Number the t-shirt via an inkjet printer. The t-shirt design is imported to a computer and then printed with a special water-based ink printer. The rendering is precise. The image does not crack and the color palette is unlimited. Washable at 30 ° C inside out Ideal for small quantities Only works on cotton. This is the cheapest option. Embroidery Custom embroidered t-shirt You can now order custom embroidered t-shirts.

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Macedonia Phone Number

Screen printing is a sophisticated technique, ideal for designs of less than 5 colors. Washable at 30 ° C inside out, iron with a protective paper. Good resistance over time Advantageous for large volumes. Does not work for photos or details that are too precise Any support. Flocking Example flocked t-shirt With flocking, an image is placed on transfer paper. Cut out, and then the paper is placed on the t-shirt. Under the action of a giant iron. The paper melts into the fibers of the t-shirt and becomes part of it without damaging the design.

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Examples of t-shirts creation In general, the sites to create your t-shirt accept the following formats. JPG, PNG, GIF, PDF, AI, EPS The size of an image should not exceed  MB. What printing technique for a personalized t-shirt? There are many ways to print a design on t-shirts. It is important to understand the differences between these techniques. Here are the three most common techniques. Screen printing Example silkscreened t-shirt Screen printing is a good option. Designs that are dark or have a high level of vibrance. Using stencils and screens, printers apply layers of ink to the t-shirt. Using different masks for each color.

Adventure as an entrepreneur. If you haven’t already done so. Take the time to create a business plan to launch or develop your dropshipping business in 2022! For example, here are some personalized Christmas t-shirt designs on Spreadshirt. Example Christmas personalized t-shirts 2. Upload a photo You can embed the photo of your choice on your t-shirt. Aas is long as you choose the print. Create your own design You can make your t-shirt with your logo. Make a photomontage or a vector design… anything is possible, you are the creator.

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