Like every year, ComScore published its annual report on the use of mobile applications in the US market. You are aware that they are taking up more and more space in our smartphones. And if there is a generation that is not spared, it is that of young people commonly known as Millennials or Generation Z. These young people aged 18 to 34 are heavy consumers of mobile applications, especially those aged 18-24. They download a lot more mobile apps than their elders, they are more inclined to download new ones, and they spend a lot more time on them. We are therefore in a position to wonder what are their favorite applications. The 10 mobile apps they can’t live without From among the mobile apps downloaded to their smartphones, Millennials had to choose the three apps they couldn’t do without.

Logically, we then find Messenger and YouTube. Then, functional mobile applications such as Google Maps, Google Search, Apple App Store, before finding the social applications WhatsApp and Instagram at the end of the ranking. Top 10 Must-Have Mobile Apps For Millennials Note that this is a study carried out in the United States. The results could vary in France, in particular concerning the first place of Amazon. In the United States, Amazon is the most Poland Phone Number List site for Millennials for their clothing purchases. (Source: Slice Intelligence) In addition, we are talking about the mobile applications that Millennials consider essential. However, this does not correspond to the mobile applications they use the most. And for good reason, the study shows us a completely different ranking when we refer to the most used applications in terms of unique visitors. Uses also differ somewhat depending on the age group.

The 10 mobile apps they can’t live without

At the top of the rankings are, unsurprisingly, social and entertaining mobile apps like YouTube and Facebook. It is THE social network associated with the youngest which takes third place on the podium, I named Snapchat. Messenger and Instagram follow, then more functional mobile applications, such as Google Search and Google Maps. The Pandora application, in last place, is not significant for the French market. This is indeed a music streaming app that is only available in the United States. In short, the equivalent of our national Deezer! The 10 most used mobile apps by Millennials aged 25 to 34 Top 10 Must-Have Mobile Apps For Millennials If the mobile applications most used by 25 to 34 year are the same as for 18 to 24 year we note, however, that the ranking differs. And finally, it’s not so surprising because instead of Snapchat, we find Instagram, and vice versa.


As we saw in one of our last articles , Facebook videos, and in particular Facebook Live, create a lot more engagement than other formats. SEO is an art. Choose an agency with talent SEO, SEA and SMO are becoming quite an art as the Copernican digital revolution takes place and Google moves towards search personalization. The axis of rotation has changed and it is around the consumer that the digital strategy now revolves. The expertise within SEO agencies is thus changing. Technical knowledge must henceforth be optimized by drawing its decision-support tools from a good knowledge of the communities. It is a question of speaking one’s language, of using the established terms. It becomes essential to capture your aspirations and place yourself on the path of your digital behavior. And it’s such an art that a Harvard Business Review article urges professionals to appeal to intuition.

The 10 most used mobile apps by Millennials aged 18 to 24

And it is Amazon, the e-commerce giant that takes first place, closely followed by Gmail and Facebook. The 10 most used mobile apps by Millennials aged 18 to 24 Top 10 Must-Have Mobile Apps For Millennials. This study therefore confirms what we could assume about the use of mobile applications among young people. This gives us a little idea of ​​a social media strategy to target this generation. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat represent strategic marketing opportunities that we can seize together . This unprecedented operation is part of the brand’s current institutional communication (“Citroën inspired by you”) by calling on the contribution of its users. Rather than reducing reliance on intuition, the advanced methodologies of big data require managers to use even more intuition to make sense of the growing number of outputs and recommendations being generated by data models “.

In this context, understanding the generation of Millennials is essential. On the one hand, because they represent a growing market share. These are the consumers of tomorrow of products reserved for the time being for their elders: anti-aging creams, etc. On the other hand, because they were born with the Internet and social networks. This community imposes itself by its power of influence and traffic. Born in the digital age, Millennials think by click and shop in virtual space. But their way of consuming modifies e-marketing strategies, because their expectations are not the same. Indeed, it is no longer the price, or even the product or service, to which it is necessary to give visibility. It is the values ​​and customer experiences that become decisive in the “e-shop” act. Some big brands have already understood this, like Shiseido who has revised its positioning with Millennials .

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