Alan Calloc’h, digital transformation consultant, discussed the importance of professional certification in digital marketing during a webinar Dominica Email List accessible in replay . Obtain professional certification to support digital acceleration According to the Mc Kinsey firm, France would only use 12% of its digital potential. Even if companies have realized the need to transform, they are struggling to organize. Because the digitization of an activity is complex. It implies an increase in skills. Technical of course. But also individual. And above all collective. It is the whole organization which must harmoniously progress towards this common objective. The obtaining professional certification to validate this climbing

The new challenges of digital marketing stimulate the need to obtain professional certification Yes, all sectors and all trades are concerned. But it is true, in the face of digitization, businesses oriented towards customers and employees are on the front line. Marketing, communication, commerce and human resources must understand the new challenges, set up new organizations, integrate new tactics. Indeed, digital has revolutionized the way prospects, customers and employees interact with brands. Over-informed, they are more and more demanding and expect commitment, consistency, fluidity and creativity in their digital links with brands. Obtain professional certification to meet the challenges of digital marketing The mobile and social networks have profoundly shaken the rules.

Obtain Professional Certification To Support Digital Acceleration

In this context, brands must break down silos to build coherent strategies. With a leimotiv: to address the right content, to the right person at the right time. Because communication now takes place in real time. It is personalized. It automates itself. With the help of ” data ” and ” machine learning “. “To emerge in the digital hubbub and surpass their competitors, brands must offer memorable experiences. Hyper-connected consumers expect relevant and engaging content, sent at the right time. But also personalized content that takes into account their progress in the purchasing process, which is useful to them and available in real time. The digital age is not the age of patience ” Frédéric Massy, ​​Adobe Digital Marketing Director for Europe


Obtaining a professional certification that can be valued in its professional practices is a major asset to perform in its missions. Digital is a great lego brick game. Bricks that you have to know how to understand and know how to assemble. And at the same time, you have to know how to bring meaning and integrate the technological developments of a rapidly changing world. What is a professional certification in digital marketing worth? For all these reasons, certifying your digital marketing skills is an individual and collective issue. Individual, because developing skills and curiosity for the digital world today obviously promotes employability and adaptability.

The New Challenges Of Digital Marketing Stimulate The Need To Obtain Professional Certification

The skills of a digital department will in the future be shared by all departments of the company. The human resources department has a special role to play in this context. It must promote synergies between the various skills of the company, in particular between those of communication, marketing and commerce. Boost your employability with a professional certification in digital marketing. And under the leadership of technology, marketing cycles are accelerated. Collective, because digitization is everyone’s business. This is why it becomes necessary to master both the issues and the “toolbox”. skills becomes a competitive advantage increasingly sought after and valued.

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