Watching over social networks, managing content and measuring performance are time-consuming activities, especially when you have several social networks to manage at the same time. The use of a dedicated tool then becomes essential. With the Hootsuite management tool, you can manage several social networks at the same time, but not only # 1 You can manage over 40 different social networks Hootsuite allows you to manage profiles, groups and pages of Twitter, Facebook, but also LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Google+ and WordPress. And if among these usual social networks you do not find what you are looking for, you can always take a look at the applications directory where 37 other social networks are waiting for you. Depending on the package chosen, the number of profiles to manage is nevertheless limited. The Free, Professional, Team and Business versions allow you to manage 3, 10, 20 and 50 different profiles respectively.

Hootsuite: social media management # 2 a functional dashboard to keep an eye on everything As we have just seen, depending on your plan, you can manage a certain number of social network profiles. Your plan also determines the number of tabs and feeds per tab that can be created. The free version with which you can manage 3 social media profiles Czech Republic Cell Phone Numbers List you, for example, to create 20 different tabs and 10 feeds per tab. Hootsuite dashboard: tabs and feeds To manage our social networks, we have thus created tabs dedicated to our profiles (Facebook, Twitter, etc.). Then, in each tab, we inserted several news feeds materialized by columns that display in near real time the content of each social network. Almost because the automatic refresh of flows is indeed not in real time for the free version, but is in the paid versions.

1 You Can Manage Over 40 Different Social Networks

From the proposed list. Activity feed on Hootsuite You are free to choose your feeds according to your needs. # 3 More than 150 applications to integrate Hootsuite is also more than 150 applications to integrate . In addition to the forty or so social networks available, you will find free or paid applications to analyze your performance, collaborate or even integrate additional management tools. With these applications, you no longer only manage your social network profiles, but also your emailing campaigns, your CRM, your customer service, etc. # 4 Manage and schedule your publications easily From your Hootsuite dashboard, it’s easy to schedule your posts. You can do it manually or automatically. In the “Compose a message” area, all you have to do is create your post by adding your message as well as the link, image and location of the content as you would on any social network.


It is then done either manually or automatically after x minutes to be defined. The flows are adapted to the specificities of each social network. For our Twitter tab, for example, we have chosen to display scheduled tweets, posted tweets, mentions, our news feed, etc. Then all you have to do is determine the publication date. Management and scheduling of publications Once your posts are scheduled, you can then manage, moderate and animate your different profiles directly from Hootsuite. # 5 Measure the performance and ROI of your social networks Hootsuite allows you to generate audience reports from the “Statistics” section. However, the free version is very limited since you can only create 2 reports and you have 0 statistics points. The generation of reports is in fact conditioned by a credit of points. The Pro and Professional versions have 50, while the Team, Business and Enterprise versions have unlimited.

2 A Functional Dashboard To Keep An Eye On Everything

The paid versions obviously go further in these statistics by offering data on engagement, clicks, reach, etc. Exporting reports, real-time statistics, and unlimited report customization are some of the additional features one benefits from. How much do the paid versions of Hootsuite cost? Hootsuite plan comparison If you need to manage multiple social media profiles at once, the free version of Hootsuite gives you some great features. Hootsuite has the advantage of grouping your different social networks in one place, managing them and analyzing their performance. The paid version will be interesting to further customize these features, to obtain more in-depth statistics or if there are several of you to collaborate on social networks. However, the prices of the paid versions are skyrocketing quickly. Count a minimum of 19 € per month and more than 500 € for the Business and Enterprise versions.

These are basic statistics on your Twitter and LinkedIn profiles. The “Facebook Profile Overview” report includes, for example, total likes, new likes, page engagement, total weekly reach, daily likes and daily comments on publications. The free version still allows you to: measure the performance of your publications on social networks; know your audience better; monitor your brand; get the main KPIs from social networks determine which social network your message was most effective on. So interested in Hootsuite? The student will just have to click. Digital tool n ° 6 – The Display Finally, you can opt to serve ads on the Google Display Network . Although it is possible to broadcast text ads, here we will favor illustrated ads, rich media and video for a more impactful visual impact . A good targeting will then allow you to reach the right target at strategic locations .


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