On the Internet, the search for meaning is asserting itself. However, ideas are more easily exposed in a tweet of 280 characters. And in an era where image communication is widely acclaimed by Internet users and algorithms, doesn’t Twitter have no other choice than to adapt its formula? 280 characters on Twitter, new uses Twitter observes its communities and takes advantage of changes in use. However, according to the Moderator’s Blog, 9% of tweets in English reached the historic limit of Twitter. Of course, this was beginning to represent an important signal to take into account. However, is this the only reason for such an evolution? It should also be noted that the 280-character test has not been deployed in certain languages, whose writing system is considered to be much more dense. Japan, Korea and China therefore remain at 140 characters .

It is their compact, dense and incisive character that has made the success of this social network and which arouses the adhesion of followers. Moreover, it is not surprising that Twitter specifies that during the tests, only 5% of tweets exceeded 140 characters. Where then can we find the real explanation for this historical change ? The answer is undoubtedly Mexico Phone Number List be found in the fact that a tweet with a poll or an image generally takes up more space than a tweet with many characters. In our opinion, this is where Twitter’s primary motivation lies. In January 2016, Twitter had just considered pushing back the limit the number of characters to 10,000! The social network finally changed its mind. In May 2016, he opted for a new rule which consists of no longer over-counting photos and links included in the 140 characters.

280 characters on Twitter, new uses

But is it really to use more words that Twitter has widened its frame to 280 characters? Not so sure. The strategy of the blue bird is to keep its own identity, but also to adapt and gain market share. Twitter grows to 280 characters: a bad idea? Source During the announcement made by Twitter, many users were concerned about a possible impact on the quality of the posts. It is clear today that a publication accompanied by a visual or a survey benefits from a higher engagement rate . In addition, competition from the latest in the social networks sector, Instagram or Snapchat, always divides market share a little more. But didn’t Internet users risk turning away from Twitter in favor of other social networks that make it easier to post images or videos? In the face of financial difficulties , Twitter must attract new users.


Will the recalcitrant be conquered? This remains to be defined in the coming weeks. Alain Rey is worried about a “hollow chatter”. Surf on Twitter’s assets and gain engagement rates We specify this in our article on emojis: a picture is worth 100 words . In digital communication, the practice of scrolling brings a new challenge. It is about expressing oneself with ever greater speed and interactivity . However, an image conveys complex notions. And a poll created from the interaction. Twitter’s new formula therefore retains its strengths and increases the engagement rate of your publications . The strategy of doubling the number of characters may well prove to be a winning one. In short, it’s all about taking advantage of the 280 characters, while staying true to the Twitter spirit. Some Internet users took advantage of the news to create a buzz, turning their tweets into calligrams.

Surf on Twitter’s assets and gain engagement rates

From this constraint was born an augmented writing: hashtag, emoji, etc. However, this no longer seems to be enough: the social network has just doubled its number of characters a few days ago. In an article, the famous lexicologist Alain Rey specified : Aristotle’s most articulate syllogism (or logical reasoning) takes 280 characters, not 140. ”There is no doubt that the social network is thus seeking to conquer the most dubious of the initial concept , namely: the oldest Internet users. Do not hesitate to scroll through this tweet, the rest of our article awaits you a little further! In conclusion, the increase on Twitter to 280 characters is worth watching. Because digital constraints are born digital creativity which never ceases to express itself. At we are attentive to the latest digital developments. We decipher them for you and we advise you in the adjustment of your digital strategy.

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