Besides, your site is much more legitimate. Consumers will also trust you more. Of course the competition is increased, but it is up to you to bring added value to your site to thwart this competition. At present, it seems inconceivable not to be present on the Internet. This offers so many “live” opportunities and potential customers that it would be a shame not to take advantage of it. But beyond the commercial advantage, your site reflects your image. It is a powerful communication tool to present your expertise, your wines and your know-how. However, you must first be able to be visible and gain notoriety before enjoying these advantages. This is where we can help you. Our expertise in natural and paid referencing as well as in Social Media strategy will allow you to profit from e-commerce. Contact us to talk about your project!

A good way to find new customers! Remember that among your community and loyal customers, there are your best ambassadors . 6. You generate leads It is very likely that the buyers of your site are customers who have already been won over (loyal customers, amateurs met at a wine fair, people who have come to your field, etc.). But the whole point of the Internet lies in the data it generates. Thanks to them, you can reach potential customers, whether Peru Phone Number List or professional. With a well-targeted advertising campaign on social media or the Google AdWords Display Network, you can reach your target audience and generate business opportunities . 7. Your legitimacy in relation to your competitors Finally, who better than a winegrower or a winegrower to sell wine and talk about it? Among the online competitors are private sales sites and mass distribution.

We Must Respond To New Needs And Expectations

Likewise, it must be secure in HTTPS to gain the trust of customers. 5. You unite a community of amateurs around your wines The circle of loyal customers that we built for ourselves in the traditional way must now evolve. Social networks lend themselves perfectly to this. They will be the link between your website and your customers. Share the news of your site there, interact with your customers, respond to their requests, suggestions and opinions, etc. Social networks are a real Swiss army knife, sometimes after-sales service, sometimes a communication tool. Use it! In addition, they are also decisive for your e-commerce. They are increasingly influencing the purchasing decision , even in this area. The influence of social networks on French wine consumers Use them to generate interest, give advice or offer promotional offers. In return, you will get engagement from your community .


As we have seen previously, half of online wine purchases are made directly on the producers’ site. In addition, the current context is conducive to e-commerce. The French are more and more inclined to buy online . The numbers speak for themselves. According to the latest FEVAD figures, 98% of e-buyers bought on the Internet in 2016. While this proportion remains stable, we note that the frequency of purchases has increased by 27 points since 2013. The ground is therefore favorable. The Internet is a powerful lever for growth. The best way to sell on the Internet is to do it on your site. There is no middleman. It is doubly profitable in terms of cost and customer relationship. On the other hand, you have to surround yourself with professionals to create the site and the commercial platform. It cannot be improvised, it is about your brand image.

Internet Is A Great Communication Tool

They are looking for information on wine regions, AOCs, grape varieties, or even food and wine pairings. Likewise, before buying a wine, they will check internet reviews, ratings, etc. By publishing this type of content, you earn points. You increase your notoriety among potential customers and you retain your existing customers. Likewise, communication will help you build your image . Showcase your domain, your products and your know-how to seduce wine lovers. But it is also Google’s algorithm that you are going to seduce. By optimizing your website and regularly posting content on a blog, you will gradually improve your ranking on search engines. You therefore maximize your chances of reaching wine merchants, traders and consumers. You stimulate your direct sales The user experience must be optimized with a clear design, an intuitive flow and a mobile version (or a Responsive design).

They had drunk a bottle of wine which her husband greatly appreciated. Provident had taken care to remember the name of the wine. For her husband’s birthday, she plans to give him some. She will therefore see on the Internet where she can get it. You see how important it is to be present on the Internet. But being there is not enough. It also needs to be visible so that you don’t just reach consumers who already know you. So, you need to consider a good SEO and / or paid SEO strategy . This will allow you to make yourself known more widely to people interested in wine. 3. Internet is a great communication tool Once you are present on the Internet (website or social networks), you can communicate with your customers. We note that wine lovers use the Internet a lot to learn about wine.

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