Fotor is an online editor available in French, which allows you to remove the background image, remove the white background of a logo, change the background of a picture .. . It also provides all the necessary photo editing functionalities and offers a variety of collage templates. Pricing: Fotor costs $ 8.99 per month or $ 39.99 per year and is also available as an app. 8. Remove the background of an image in Photoshop If you have Photoshop software or if you have a subscription, you might as well use this high-performance tool to remove the white background from an image or remove any other background. Since the software is more complex, the operation takes longer, but the result is professional.

It’s up to you to see what you need. If you don’t have Photoshop, you can create an Adobe Creative Cloud account and download the software. Adobe also offers a 7-day free offer if you want to test the tool. Let’s go! 1. Make your presets First of all, click on “Create” to open a new document and import your image. You can also “Open” your image directly. crop an image with Photoshop If you’ve never used Photoshop before, your edit window should look like this: change the background of a photo with photoshop 2. Use “Select and hide” Once your image is open in your new document, you need to use the right tool.

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In this case, it is “Select and hide”. remove photoshop background image This function combines several tools: Quick selection tool Refining angles tool Brush tool 3. Choose the “onion skin” view You must then choose the correct view. Under Properties, on the Croatia Phone Numbers right menu, click the drop-down menu next to “View” and choose the “Onion Skin” view, which makes the image partially transparent. Check that the transparency slider is set to 50%. Photoshop tutorial to remove photo background 4. Use the quick selection tool Now you will use the quick selection tool to outline the part of the image you want to keep. This tool being very intuitive, the operation is simple.

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How to put a backgrounds image with Photoshop If the tool does not respect all the contours, increase the contrast of the image and finish with the “brush” tool, just below. 5. The “contour improvement” tool Once you have selected the parts of the image you want to keep, use the “outline enhancement” tool which is located next to it. This tool allows you to capture small details, like hair or nails. Look at the difference with the image above. Photoshop software to remove background from an image 6. Switch to the “black background” view It is time to carefully study your selection.

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Switch from the transparent background image to “black” mode, then increase the transparency to the maximum. Photoshop tutorial to remove the background of a photo This will allow you to spot all the details that deserve your attention. 7. Use the brush tool to perfect the outlines Thanks to the view on a black background, you will be able to rework the contours of your design. Crop an image in Photoshop tutorial 8. Erase some parts of the image Now it’s time to remove the accidentally selected parts of the image. For example, when you used the outline brush previously, part of the background was grabbed. To remove them, hold down the “Alt” key on Windows or “Option” on Mac to select the part you want to remove.

remove photoshop background image If you select a part of the image by mistake, click on “edit” then “cancel”. 9. Save your modifications as a merge mask Ended? Perfect, now you have to save your work. At the bottom right of the edit box, click on Output settings, then click on “Layer mask”, then “ok”. Photoshop Layer Mask Tutorial 10. Change the background of a photo in Photoshop Congratulations, you have removed the background of an image with Photoshop. To save your image with a transparent background, click “File”> “Save As.” Make sure to save it in PNG format.