The development of social networks and mobile phones has generated the emergence of messaging apps, instant messaging: Whatsapp, Facebook UAE Mobile Number Database messenger, WeChat… more than 1 in 2 Internet users use messaging apps on a daily basis! This new use is a lever for brands who dare to try the adventure. This allows them to develop a personalized customer experience and an almost intimate relationship with each customer. Chatbots, virtual agents who generate messages in an automated fashion, fit perfectly into this trend. They are able to “understand” the questions asked, to converse with a customer according to his needs, and at any time! In certain situations and when they are used with relevance, they can constitute a real lever for optimizing the customer experience.

Facebook ads and other celebrations for advertisers? image1 From static promotional banners to a global, agile and personalized advertising strategy Subtle and personalized advertising! This is the key word for successfully bringing out marketing content and performing on the web. The click-through rate race is over! Effectively convert Internet users into followers and these followers into an interested community, then transform this targeted audience into potential customers over time. The new customer journey changes to recognize the Internet user’s role as contributor and even co-creator of a product or service. It is no longer enough to have the largest number of fans,

Cross Mobility Shopping

it is still necessary that these people who like your page once are interested in the speech and the experiences of the brand. The golden rule that prevails? Better to get 1,000 people interested than amass 1 million unaffected fans. Develop Ads on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Snapchat, Instagram? Yes ! But supporting advertising with a content strategy will have more impact than sponsoring without developing “human and emotional” interactions with Internet users. Think Storytelling! New temporality of advertising: the era of “Now right now”! Not only does the very short timeframe on the Internet no longer make it possible to offer an advertising experience that will last over time like traditional formats, but it must also be understood that the medium is not THE way to attract consumers.


It is the strength of content that will optimize success! On Twitter, a post will last around 4 hours, a little over 14 hours for a Facebook post. From a timeline vision, community platforms have switched to an algorithmic vision of publications and ads. With the advent of augmented reality, personalization and lives, new means of expression are emerging, and advertising on the web must launch new challenges to captivate users even more. Advertising therefore still finds its place, to bring a campaign to life by imposing its own tempo. Allowing users to personalize their advertising experiences is therefore a necessary step in order to be visible and not harmful. Brands must be part of smarter and more immersive advertising campaigns, where the relationship with Internet users is more uninhibited than ever.

Word Of The Day: Cross Mobility Shopping

The latest example, Minute Buzz becomes 100% social networks by adapting its content only on community platforms because uses have changed with the milllenials. It will be the same for advertising!M Being agile, living in the times and adapting to new platform supports and new uses , this is what will make the difference, between an invasive message and a new experience that offers adapted and personalized content with the Internet user or the mobile user. Recommendation of our expert Do you want to set up a social ads strategy, develop your visibility and effectively animate your communities on social networks? Our expert recommends two short and comprehensive training courses: Social Ads Social ads make it possible to deploy large-scale advertising campaigns, but also to personalize messages and better target.

This training provides you with the keys to exploiting the full potential of social ads. Duration: 2 days – Next session: July 2 and 3, 2018 Develop a social media marketing strategy Social networks are essential for companies wishing to optimize their referencing and improve their visibility and notoriety on the internet. This training allows you to take stock of opportunities, develop your strategic presence on social networks and measure their impact. Duration: 2 days – Next session: July 16 and 17, 2018.Word of the day: CROSS MOBILITY SHOPPING We know that purchases are more and more cross-channel: we look at an item before buying it at the point of sale, we get information in store then we order it online, etc …


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