4 novelties as the backbone of the digital strategy communicates on 4 new functions for the user: The low price alert for those who want it 24/7 customer service availability A chatbot, called capable of responding to a ticket request Inspirational portals linked to the tourist offices of the 12 regions. These features are not only practical. They impact our use of digital in depth. Marketing analysis: when the digital strategy opts for inspirational brand content The baseline The customer experience becomes the stake of where Voyages-sncf.com was an application to identify a trip and book a ticket. The “concentric user” key, at the heart of the digital strategy, is displayed on the home page. The message is clear: “We are changing for you ! Note that the “you” is in bold, in case this was not explicit enough with the exclamation point.

The digital strategy It was in October 2017, during an interview on Europe 1, that the CEO of SNCF, Guillaume spoke about the digital transformations brought to Voyages-sncf.com. A new name accompanies this change. To complete this project and inaugurate in December 2017, the teams had to work hard for 8 months. A diversity of expertise in USA Phone Number List digital field has been mobilized : developers, data scientists, digital marketing teams, cybersecurity teams. No less than 500 user stories have been written to anticipate user journeys on the new platform. A total of 500,000 pages were edited, 20,000 of which were in depth. Digital The logo The creation of the logo is interesting in more ways than one. On the one hand, it brings together the colors of the different entities. On the other hand, its design is perfectly suited to web use.

4 novelties as the backbone of the digital strategy

The name The word “yes” in no way evokes the activities or services of the. Indeed, we see that connected consumers today expect a brand to be a source of inspiration. They also want to build a relationship with her. In other words, by leaving the term “travel” and choosing the affirmative of “yes”, the fully intends to think of itself as a modern brand. Digital it anticipating the day when its monopoly will be subjected to competition? Therefore, if the consumer is “attached” to the brand, he will not change it, because his choice is guided by criteria other than the product itself. Obviously the in its new digital strategy, seeks to seduce Millennials, if only through the promotional videos on YouTube. Its ambition is not only to sell tickets, but also to offer emotion to its users and to share moments with them.


Internationally, this is an asset. Content marketing The creation of a regional portal to generate the desire to travel is not only a novelty, but also a profound change. Why ? Because the no longer sells a trip, but a new idea of ​​the trip. From now on, it is the experience that takes precedence. To achieve this, a real content strategy has been deployed. Content marketing carefully combines texts, images and videos in the service of a clear objective: to make you want to travel. The classic approach flirts with the unusual to hit all the targets, like this “trip to chance”: To succeed in its bet, had recourse to an SEO audit . Among other things, a content strategy was developed on the basis of keywords. This was then driven by omnichannel communication. The right content is delivered to the right target at the right time.

Marketing analysis: when the digital strategy opts for inspirational brand content

Finally, let us specify that “yes” is a word understood everywhere. For example, below, the Facebook post which takes advantage of the heavy snowfall in Isère. Technical analysis: when digital strategy incorporates the latest trends The SEO puzzle “Our biggest competitor is Google! ” During an interview , Guillaume spoke about the issues related to the launch. If the migration of data from Voyages-sncf.com was of course a risk, another difficulty was that of referencing. We had to reconfigure the servers, change the URLs, link all the pages while avoiding “one-way” and “forbidden” directions. This painstaking work was titanic. The fear was that the pages were not meshed well or that a link would not work. In this case, Google’s algorithms apply penalties and the site loses indexing. The objective for was to quickly regain the position that Voyages-sncf.com previously occupied in the search engines.

It promises to fundamentally change our use of digital technology during the year 2018. Short, malleable, polymorphic, it is ideal for visibility on a smartphone. Words and colors embody warmth, the positive, benevolence and diversity. These values ​​are in tune with the times and in the hearts of Millennials. In addition, in the Journal du Net , the explained its various strategies to optimize its referencing : “the new trees are tested by bots using open source tools. The latter only leave a hand to the human being in the event of a malfunction ”. In addition, during this preparatory work, the teams identified the existence of a German clothing site: Oui.com. This domain name was not redeemed, due to an excessively high amount. You must therefore ensure that you type the correct URL. A bias of which will undoubtedly soon appear at the top of your research.

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