Capturing attention, an increasingly difficult exercise with the advent of the Internet and social networks. The Internet user is solicited from all sides. He is confronted with the ever more abundant publications on social networks, with advertisements which flood not only the streets, mailboxes, the media, and now the Web, with over-information which obliges him to “zap” regularly. And this is even more true for the new generations who have bathed in new technologies. These digital natives , as they are commonly called, are sometimes assimilated to an ultra-connected “zapping generation” juggling between different screens, communication channels and other social networks, themselves saturated with information. Attention could inevitably only suffer. As proof, it went from 12 seconds in 2000 to 8.25 seconds in 2013! (Source: Statistic Brain) Publication and advertising campaign: 8 seconds to grab attention Faced with this observation, would attracting attention be a challenge? Not quite.

The idea is no longer to resort to traditional mass marketing, but to define and deploy a targeted digital marketing strategy. To make a difference, you have to stand out with a relevant digital strategy that combines the best of web marketing tools with a personalized, short and powerful message. Make it short As the attention span has reduced, the Internet user must be called out from the first few seconds. Advertising agencies and social networks have Netherlands Phone Number List to new uses by launching particularly short publication or advertising formats. Twitter and its 140 characters, Snapchat and its ephemeral 10-second Snaps, Instagram and Facebook which have imitated it,… the trend is short. The same goes for advertising formats. YouTube’s Bumper Ads sponsored video format is a perfect example. The brands have 6 seconds to convince the Internet user. In other words, you have to get to the point.

Touch at the right time

You just have to adapt your communication and marketing to the new environment of the Internet user and to changes in his behavior. Get to the point It is from the first second of broadcast that you must capture the attention of the Internet user. Whether it’s on a video or an image, your message should be clear and concise . Short formats leave little room for lengthy storytelling. It is therefore necessary to eliminate all that is useless, and to keep only the essential of the message . Be visual Interactive and visually appealing formats attract more attention from the Internet user. For advertising, for example, ads with a rich media display generate much more engagement than those with a standard display. Publication and advertising campaign: 8 seconds to grab attention On Google AdWords, therefore, prefer video ads or animated image ads to static image ads.


The message you send to Internet users may be clear and concise, if they are not sensitive to it, it will be useless. To reach your target, keep in mind that good targeting will allow you to reach your target, and a personalized and relevant message will grab their attention. Your message must meet the desires and needs of the Internet user. For example, the Vichy brand has deployed three types of “rich media” ads via Google AdWords depending on the target targeted, and the context at the time the ad was broadcast. Thanks to the targeting options and the addition of a weather-related script, the ads are completely personalized. The products and messages offered varied depending on the scenarios that targeted either women with children or women with children near a pharmacy in hot and sunny weather or women in hot and sunny weather.

Send a personalized and relevant message

These ads, which are much more dynamic, are more visible, more engaging and more memorable. Send a personalized and relevant message Publication and advertising campaign: 8 seconds to grab attention Source Touch at the right time We have just seen it just above, the defined moment is very important to capture the attention. The Vichy announcements are a very good example. In sunny and hot weather, ads for sunscreens are shown. If in addition the targeted women pass near a pharmacy, the advertisements indicate in which nearest pharmacy they can find the products. Publication and advertising campaign: 8 seconds to grab attention The moment must be favorable to the receptivity of the Internet user, and the context must be favorable to your publication. You must therefore know your target and your connection habits in order to broadcast your message at the right time.

Facebook insists that this is only a testing phase at the moment and there are no plans for it to be extended to other countries. For now, the goal is to see if users prefer there to be two distinct spaces separating personal content from public content. Thus, the pages which obtain a lot of clicks but a low rate of “mobile-friendly” clicks will have to be optimized to favor the click on mobile, and thus to increase your conversions. When Google search decrypts your psyche This major change in the algorithm notably breathes new life into sites designed in a “responsive design” logic, an architecture capable of adapting the display dynamically on all screens, whether fixed or mobile. Google is strengthening commercial bridges with mobile uses, by developing marketing tools on its “Play Store”, but also by integrating variations of the Ad Words logic adapted to smartphones.

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