A strong domain name with a long history is a major asset in a good SEO strategy. To recover the best expired domain names, there are specialized services. This is particularly what YouDot offers, the French leader in the sector. Overview of how the platform works. The principle of YouDot is very simple: you can Paraguay WhatsApp Number List domain names that have expired, or that will expire. The inventory of domain names includes nearly 700,000 references on 9 Focus on Hack My Personas, a free tool created by Plezi to allow users to discover interesting content ideas for their B2B audience. We have already presented Plezi on the BDM: it is a complete inbound marketing solution that competes with Hubspot. Plezi provides inbound marketers or a new free service: Hack My Personas. It allows to analyze the needs of its target

Its problems and purchase intentions, in order to create relevant content. All this in order to get them to come to the company’s site. 2 solutions are generally used by professionals: create personas or do an SEO audit. These means are however quite long to achieve, and require an in-depth study. Hack My Personas is a much more flexible and easier to implement solution developed by Plezi. The tool is completely free and works very simply: Enter 3 URLs and an email address : that of your website, its Twitter and LinkedIn accounts as well as your professional email. Wait for the service robots to analyze your audience : the robots scan your entire universe, cross data and call on a semantic analysis engine. Discover new content opportunities to create

Simply Retrieve All The Domain Names That Interest You

Once the analysis is complete, the tool offers content that interests your audience and that you have not yet created for your site. Once this data has been entered, all you have to do is wait for the Plezi analysis to be delivered to you free of charge by email. 2 analysis modes are available: “patient” or “in a hurry”, the latter requires a Twitter Login in order to bypass the constraints of the Twitter API. Once the scan is complete, you will receive a link to take you back to the results. These are organized in 2 distinct parts: Your core target : the themes identified in this section are those that are already bringing traffic to your site and that you must continue to explore. You can thus look for questions to deal with in relation to each topic generated


In order to create content in your inbound marketing strategy. Have you thought about it : this section brings you topics that are of great interest to your audience and could bring you traffic. You may also see possible targets appear among the keywords, or terms on which it will be advisable to put you on standby. A second section also offers topics that may be of interest to you. Note that all the terms offered are very SEO oriented, it’s up to you to select those that are really relevant to your business, and to play on keyword combinations to create topics of interest to your target audience. The results are often very accurate, and allow you to find ideas for potential topics in just a few clicks. A good tool therefore for marketers short of ideas.

Take Advantage Of The Best Market Indicators

Hack My Personas fits well into the list of tools offered by Plezi to inboud marketing professionals wishing to progress. To learn more about how to use the results, you can watch the explanatory video which appears just below the themes generated. To test Hack My Personas for free different extensions: .fr .it .es .com .eu .info .org .co.uk… To find and buy a domain name, all you have to do is enter a keyword to access all the available domains. You can then filter according to the desired extensions, and classify them according to their “Dot Rank” score. It is possible to classify the results according to the chosen indicator (Trust flow from Majestic or Moz Authority) in order to find the most relevant domain name for you. Once the desired domain name has been found, all you have to do is pre-order it for 20 €.

If you are the only one who wants to buy it, the domain name is yours. If several of you want it, auctions are held for a week. Pre-ordering is free, you only pay when your domain name is truly recovered (it depends on the expiration date of the domain name, usually a few days). Take advantage of the best market indicators The big interest of YouDot is to work on its SEO strategy. To do this, the service relies on an in-house Dot Rank indicator, which ranges from 0 to 100. The higher the score, the higher the SEO potential. But YouDot also relies on the best market indicators (Moz and Majestic) to determine the power of a NDD: number of backlinks, number of referring domains, Majestic Trust Flow, Majestic Citation Flow, Moz authority, keywords positioned , link anchors and web archive history.

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