This year, YouTube surpassed 1 billion hours of video viewed . An impressive figure, but not that surprising given the monopoly of YouTube and its billion monthly active users. The video platform has become an almost transgenerational tool that serves both as entertainment and as a source of information. In 2016, one in two French people went to YouTube every day. Mobile even further promotes the use of YouTube. The French are spending more and more time on YouTube, and even more so from a smartphone, hence the interest in investing in this advertising platform. Use of YouTube in France This YouTube craze sounds like a call to advertisers. What is more, the advertising offer proposed by YouTube is increasingly relevant and innovative. Various formats to meet all your objectives YouTube Ads offers a variety of advertising formats to meet the different marketing objectives of professionals.

YouTube Ads: Different Advertising Formats for Different Marketing Goals The Masthead format is a banner that occupies, at the very top, the width of the YouTube home page for 24 hours, or more depending on the package chosen. This prime location significantly increases the notoriety of a brand, product or event. The Google Preferred allow to place their advertising on the YouTube channels most popular based on their audience and the level of Croatia Phone Numbers List of the target. These two formats bring the height of notoriety, they inevitably have a certain cost and are rather reserved for large advertisers. On the contrary, the three scholarly formats may concern you more: The latest in YouTube formats, Bumper Ads are 6-second videos that the user cannot ignore. This concise and impactful format perfectly meets the advertising preferences of Internet users, and in particular those of young people.

Various Formats To Meet All Your Objectives

The Discovery are among others broadcast on the YouTube home page or search result, that is to say, where users discover videos. To this video are also added a text and a thumbnail of the video to encourage the user to discover the content. Ever more precise targeting options YouTube Ads: many targeting options to reach your audience YouTube’s targeting options are critical in your advertising campaign. You have to study the subject well upstream to identify your target audience. Once this step is done, YouTube will help you target any audience. The options proposed are indeed very relevant. Thanks to them, you will be able to reach an audience based on: Sociodemographic criteria Themes (keywords and themes) related to your activity Their interests and affinities Your advertisements may also be served to an audience interested or likely to be interested in your brand and your products.


Finally, you can also directly target people who have already taken an interest in your brand by going to your website or viewing one of your ads. It’s remarketing . Likewise, if you have a database of customers or prospects, you will be able to reach them with Customer Matches or reach people who look like them with Similar Audiences . Relevant tools to measure and analyze your KPIs YouTube Ads: the different statistical tools to measure your KPIs Many statistical tools are available to you to measure the performance of your advertising campaigns. Several indicators allow you to obtain results on the performance of your ads in terms of notoriety, engagement and actions. But to go further, even more relevant tools measure the performance of your campaign according to your marketing objectives (conversions, views, audience, notoriety). They also give you precise information about the people she has reached.

Relevant Tools To Measure And Analyze Your KPIs

The affinity audiences customizable with specific themes, keywords and websites that you define in advance will more precisely target your audience based on your offer. Likewise, in-market audiences can reach people who might buy a product similar to yours. If you weren’t yet a YouTube Ads fan, then this advertising platform overview might have convinced you. And if there is only one thing to remember, it is the immense targeting capacity that YouTube Ads offers you. By setting up your advertising campaign correctly, you reach any target. As you can see, Facebook is constantly evolving. Videos, e-commerce, advertising and interaction with your community are and will be all the more at the heart of your Facebook strategy. To succeed on the social network, you must therefore make sure to adapt your Facebook strategy to new uses and the expectations of your community. A task that you can entrust to us.

You can read our article on Generation Z on this subject. The in-stream are broadcast videos before, during or after the video wishes to view the Internet. They can be skipped after 5 seconds and will only be charged after 30 seconds of viewing. With a little creativity and originality, you’re good to go. Take the time to discuss it with our experts . By applying these tips and taking advantage of the results of the study, you are putting the odds on your side to optimize your posts to create engagement. If you want to know more, you can always discuss it with our social media experts . We declare advertising on Snapchat Ad Manager open! [Update] Snapchat has just announced in its blog the upcoming launch of an advanced mode on Snapchat Ad Manager. This mode will give access to a number of additional tools like Facebook Power Editor.

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