To share Present your company / Highlight your products / Suggest offers / Learn more about your customers And according to testimonials from American users, the production is a breeze, because the application guides you through the creation of your video. Like a “ storyboard ”, it gives you food for thought, and ideas that you might not have thought of. Start with a sentence about the origins of your product What gave you the idea? Who is the person behind this idea and how did you get there? Present your product (name and some details) Who is your product aimed at? With YouTube Director, Google wanted to change the face of promotional videos, and make SMEs and other VSEs, start-ups talk a little more And the bet seems successful! Strongly, in any case, that the application arrives in France.

As soon as it was launched, an American barber saw his visibility increase by 73%! Advertising accessible to all Thanks to YouTube Director, anyone with an iPhone will be able to make their promotional video without ever having to go through a computer. Plus, the app is free! Advertising on YouTube will no longer be restricted to businesses with the means to invest. Thus, Google wants to bring out a different kind of advertising, closer and more community-Paraguay Phone Number List. Use made easier by sound advice To guide you in creating an effective promotional video, four templates are available to get you started. YouTube Director then takes you step by step through how to easily edit. The application also provides you with a bank of sounds that you can freely add to your video. A good way ( like so many others ) to use social networks to get people talking about your business!

Use Made Easier By Sound Advice

Example 2 : Madame ate at a restaurant with her husband one evening. Advertising is the number one source of profit on YouTube. Agencies and professionals are already doing it, but making a promotional video is not for everyone: this is what Google wants to change by launching the YouTube Director app. The goal is to give the opportunity to the smallest businesses to play the video advertising game . So expect to see your hairdresser promoting on YouTube soon. YouTube Director: the software you need for your promotion The application is currently only available on iOS in the United States and Canada, but should arrive very soon all over the world. According to its creators, YouTube Director is a suite of programs that makes it easy to create videos without the need for professional editing software. The tool allows you to easily make your videos, and this only through your phone.


Thus, the Internet is the 3rd source of information after the entourage and professionals that French consumers consult before buying wine . The French are also buying more and more wine on the Internet. In 2016, 34% of respondents said they had already bought wine online. This figure even rises to 47% among 26-35 year. And good news, online buyers primarily prefer producers’ sites to make their purchases. French online wine purchases2. Be visible and make yourself known Why do you absolutely have to be on the Internet? Here are 2 concrete examples among many others. Example 1 : Mr. Martin met you in a wine fair, he spoke with you and greatly appreciated your wines. He talks about it to those around him who ask for your contact details. But since Mr. Martin did not take your card, he is looking for this information on the Internet.

Youtube Director: The Software You Need For Your Promotion

For a good number of traders, the Internet has become a major stake in ensuring the sustainability of their activity. So why not for winegrowers and winegrowers? It is a tool for informing, communicating, but also selling. This additional growth driver is therefore not negligible. If you are still hesitating, discover the 7 reasons that will make you change your mind. 1. We must respond to new needs and expectations You have to know how to evolve with the times. The needs of consumers change, so you must adapt to their expectations and current practices. The Internet, social networks and the rise of the mobile phone have indeed transformed their consumption patterns. We have to come to terms with this new “Internet reflex”. The search for information and the purchase on line are democratized, including in the field of wine.

The Tourist Office in figures e-tourism a tourism actor, how do you perceive the challenges of the Web and social networks in your sector? The digitization of the sector is essential. As far as we are concerned, it was done in two stages: A digital strategy was first implemented on our site. The redesign of the site was accompanied by a referencing strategy . We also made sure to make the site Responsive , which is essential today. Then, we worked on the editorial line , design and even content creation . At the same time, we thought about a strategy on social networks, in particular with the establishment of partnerships with web influencers. It is clear that the digital strategy deployed since 2009 is bearing fruit. Physical attendance at the Tourist Office has remained stable, between 300,000 and 350,000 visitors per year. Conversely, website traffic has tripled , from 250,000 to over 700,000 visitors.

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