At Agence 90 we are used to dealing with SEO news to improve the visibility of your website in search engines. However, don’t forget that Estonia Email List when it comes to search engines, YouTube represents the second most visited site in France after Google (according to Alexa for the year 2018). In this year 2019, the video streaming sector is constantly growing and creating its YouTube channel represents a real opportunity to improve its visibility on the web and provide its audience with engaging content. However, with several billion users around the world and several million Youtubers, making your YouTube channel visible is becoming more and more difficult. This is why we want through this article to list the 5 golden rules to optimize your YouTube SEO and ensure that your videos collect more views.

Just like for Google, the objective will be to make your videos appear in the first positions of the YouTube results pages (SERPs) when an Internet user types a request in the search engine. Your YouTube channel banner, or channel illustration, is displayed just below the site’s search bar and above your videos. Obviously, we recommend that you create an eye-catching banner that reflects the theme of your channel. The optimal format is 2560 x 1440 pixels but nothing prevents you from exceeding it. However, we regularly find that YouTube banners are not exploited beyond their YouTube channel dressing function. Among the good students we see below that the Youtube banner of Jean Laval’s channel is optimized with the display of the dates and times of events organized online. We also find at the bottom right of the banner, links to the YouTuber’s website and social network pages.

Create YouTube playlists

Youtube channel banner YouTube banner for Jean Laval’s channel Create a YouTube channel trailer YouTube gives you the option of having a trailer video of your channel for users who are not subscribers. This video should aim to convince Internet users to subscribe to your channel. The advice of our SEO agency for your trailer video: A maximum duration of one minute Keep in mind that this trailer is intended for people who do not know your channel. Optimize the text description on the right of the video with calls to action to subscribe to your channel and links to important pages This text description allows you up to 500 characters. Feel free to use them to describe your channel for the YouTube algorithm.


Create YouTube playlists The more videos you have published on your Youtube channel, the more the creation of playlists will become a necessity to make navigation between your videos more fluid for your subscribers. To efficiently create your playlists, we recommend that you group your popular videos or those that deal with a similar theme. Don’t rush, creating playlists will become logical in your head as one topic is covered more frequently than others in your videos. The whole thing will be to link the videos of this same theme together. Does that remind you of anything? If we say internal networking , siloing and SEO? Do you follow us? It seems that YouTube follows the same logic as Google when it comes to the structure of your content, namely the connections of pages of the same theme through internal links.

Mention other Youtube channels

Also take advantage of your Youtube playlists to increase views on videos that are less popular than others, by integrating them into the playlists of your flagship videos. This increase in views will help improve your YouTube SEO. About section It is not the most visible element of your Youtube channel but the SEO optimization of the “About” section allows you to enter a text description for your channel. About Youtube Section “About” section of the Amixem YouTube channel Feel free to stuff this description with keywords and include your email address. At the linking level, a “Links” section is also available to provide links to your website and social networks.

Mention other Youtube channels YouTube is first and foremost a community. Don’t think in terms of competition but of the added value you could bring to your subscribers. In this sense, we advise you to add links to other YouTube accounts dealing with a topic related to your DNA. YouTube’s algorithm will consider that you put user experience above all personal interests.Conclusion By implementing these 5 golden rules, you will be able to improve the visibility of your Youtube channel by providing the best possible user experience. These YouTube SEO optimizations will result in results that will also influence the SEO of your videos, namely:


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